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1,000,000 Airtineraries®

We just sent our millionth Airtinerary®.  What’s an Airtinerary®?  It’s Christopherson Andavo’s approach to itinerary layout and delivery.  It was developed from scratch, right here, by us. There are a lot of reasons why we think it is the best itinerary delivery system around. Here are our favorite three:

  • We translate everything – we went to great lengths to take the mystery out of all those countless travel acronyms. That means no more guessing on class of service, airport codes, aircraft types, etc.
  • We’ve got links – online check-in links, hotel map links, off airport car rental location map links, and where it makes sense, links that give you automatically calculated directions between segments.
  • Calendar attachment – we include all your relevant itinerary data and then make sure it works with the most email clients around by using the iCalendar standard.

You can always read more about Airtinerary® here.

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