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Christopherson Travel Group Launches ticketTrack Technology

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Christopherson Travel Group (CTG) has implemented proprietary software “ticketTrack” to track unused pre-paid electronic airline tickets for their business travelers. “ticketTrack technology gives our business travel clients the opportunity to recover thousands of dollars in travel expenses,” said Chad Maughn, Information Technology Manager.
E-tickets are the reality of modern travel and accurately finding and tracking unused e-tickets is important for businesses seeking to cut costs and eliminate waste. Industry experts estimate that 5 percent of non-refundable tickets bought by companies are never used. Some companies estimate their non-use rate as high as 20 percent. Christopherson’s new ticketTrack system will notify, track, and organize their clients’ unused airline tickets.
ticketTrack’s Features:
• ticketTrack logs into the database of every ticket issued by Christopherson’s reservation center and through client on-site locations.
• ticketTrack automatically notifies business travelers by e-mail 72 hours in advance of their flight if they have a non-refundable ticket.
• ticketTrack locates any tickets unused for travel that day and sends an alert to the issuing agent.
• ticketTrack enters the unused ticket into Christopherson’s on-line reporting system where business clients can check the value of the unused ticket, the expiration date, reissue fees, explanation why travel was cancelled, etc.
• ticketTrack prompts the travel consultant when a future booking is made to exchange the unused ticket rather than sacrifice its value.
About Christopherson Travel Group
Christopherson Travel Group (CTG), headquartered in Salt Lake City, is Utah’s leader in business travel. With 100 employees and 22 offices across the Intermountain West, the company supports more than $90 million in annual travel bookings. Christopherson Travel Group provides intelligent travel management to more than 650 successful companies in theIntermountain West. CTG is the Utah/Idaho affiliate of WorldTravel BTI, one of the largest and most progressive travel management firms in the world.
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