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True value doesn’t come in just hardware.  True value often comes in everyday things that we use to make our lives less complicated and cumbersome. I’ve noticed that true value is often over looked and those things of most value are often ignored, neglected, or we have not been informed of the value.

This week I have found some often neglected true value to be of great value.  Christopherson Business Travel offers many items of value to those they serve.  The product that I most enjoyed this week is the ValueLogic® report.
The ValueLogic® report can be found within AirPortal® and offers valuable information regarding cost savings for a company’s bottom line.  These savings are generated by seasoned agents who are skilled in finding the best fares and negotiated rates that you most likely will not be offered by calling the airlines directly and definitely not found by using search engines and booking your travel on-line.
Travel Agents at Christopherson Business Travel document these cost savings using a program developed by our in-house talented IT team.  This not only allows you as a customer to see where and how we are able to save you money, but it allows are agents to track their performance as well.
Each time your travel agent saves you money, it is coded to a particular category and a dollar amount is recorded.  At any time you are able to log-in to AirPortal® and run the ValueLogic® report and see your savings. Some people think they are saving money by booking travel themselves or using an on-line booking tool instead of paying the full-service agent fee.  However, with the ValueLogic® report you are able to see that with the savings that a travel agent is able to capture, you are actually saving money by using a full-service travel agent rather than using other methods of booking travel.
Listed below are some of the categories where savings are generated~

  • Christopherson Business Travel negotiated rates for both air, car & hotel
  • The ability to void a ticket prior to the close of the next business day, if you trip is cancelled within that time frame.
  • Airline seating upgrades
  • Tracking unused airline tickets
  • Offering alternate itineraries (airlines, airports, times)
  • Use of our recheck tool that continually checks for lower car & hotel prices

If you are not a customer of Christopherson Business Travel, contact a member of our Business Development Team, if you are a current customer, then check with your dedicated Account Manager to learn more about the TruValue of the ValueLogic® report.

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Continental Airlines Joins Star Alliance

Continental Airlines’ much anticipated entrance into the Star Alliance took place on Tuesday, October 27. Continental brings its young fleet, flier-friendly services and over 60 NEW destinations to the world’s largest airline network. An integral part of Continental’s move to the Star Alliance will be its codeshare agreement with United Airlines. While this agreement will allow travelers to purchase flights on approximately 400 codeshare routes (mainly domestic and Trans-Atlantic) it also heralds the decision by both carriers to synergize best-in-class features for frequent fliers. In fact United recently announced plans to match Continental’s Elite Upgrade policies on its domestic routes beginning 2nd quarter 2010.
So what do you think? A good move for Continental? The Star Alliance? Please share your thoughts with us.
In the meantime, for answers to any questions about what this development means for your OnePass or Mileage Plus accounts or the Star Alliance in general, call Christopherson/Andavo Travel and our travel advisors will be glad to assist.

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Australia! 15 days from $1599*

One Great Vacation! One Incredible Deal!

Includes: Round trip airfare from LAX or San Francisco with Qantas plus three FREE domestic flights !
12 nights accommodation.  Choose 4 nights in any 3 of the following cities:
Sydney – Melbourne – Alice Springs – Darwin – Adelaide – Brisbane – Cairns
This is what the price of airfare alone has been for the last few years, so take advantage of this great pricing and visit downunder!
*Advertised ‘from’ prices are person in USD based on twin share based on lowest season (May 1 to June 8, 2010) and include fuel surcharges of approximately $230 for the international flights and the three free stopover flights in Australia.  US and foreign taxes and fees, including 9/11 Security Fee, are an additional $150 to $200 depending upon itinerary.  Full payment must be received by 15Dec’09 for these prices.  Blackout dates apply.  Sample pricing: Jan 23 to Feb 15 $2299.00, Feb 16 to Apr 30 $1899.00, May 1 to Jun 8 $1599.00, June 9 to July 23 $1999.00.

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SKYMILES to Feature New Diamond Level in 2010

Delta/Northwest is introducing its SkyMiles program that will go into effect in Spring 2010. Most notable changes include plans for one more level of Medallion traveler called Diamond Level bringing the program to a 4-level program for preferred members. Travelers can earn Diamond status by earning 125,000 medallion qualifying miles or by flying 140 qualifying segments within the year. Additional benefits for Diamond level status will include priority for complimentary upgrades, additional system upgrades ,additional Choice benefits and Sky Club membership.
A unique feature that Delta also plans to implement is a rollover program for Medallion miles to help travelers qualify for status in 2011. Currently this is the only frequent flyer program to make this available. Basically , once a traveler has reached a status level, any additional miles accrued during the year, will “rollover “ to the following year to begin the qualifications for the next years’ status.
A gift program called Choice Benefits is another perk proposed under the SkyMiles program. When a Platinum member reaches status, they receive a choice of a bonus gift that can be extra miles, gifting Medallion status to a friend, one day Sky Club passes or Systemwide upgrade certificates. Diamond members will receive 2 gifts once the program is initiated.
For additional information see
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United Airlines Makes Enhancements To Frequent Flier Program

United Airlines’ Mileage Plus frequent flier program just announced a great new enhancement and improvement to their domestic upgrade process.  Starting in the 2nd quarter of 2010, any time an elite member purchases a ticket, an upgrade request will automatically be placed.  This new enhancement means unlimited upgrades for all domestic travel with no need to track upgrade certificates, call for upgrade request 72/48/24 hours in advance and, get this, if you’re traveling with a companion they receive a complimentary upgrade as well.
The upgrade allows for one class of service movement, for instance, economy class to first class on a two cabin flight or economy class to business class or business class to first class on a three cabin flight. There are some restrictions that involve the type of ticket purchased, but very few that will affect most travelers.  United defines domestic travel as the US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.  If you have any of the old printed upgrade certificates, United will still honor them according to the original expiration date, but it’s a use them or lose them proposition because the printed upgrade certificates will become a thing of the past.
For more information or questions regarding Mileage Plus or any of the other frequent flier programs call Christopherson/Andavo Travel and we will be glad to assist.

United Airlines’ Mileage Plus frequent flier program just announced a great new enhancement and improvement to their domestic upgrade process.  Starting in the 2nd quarter of 2010, any time an elite member purchases a ticket, an upgrade request will automatically be placed.  This new enhancement means unlimited upgrades for all domestic travel with no need to track upgrade certificates, call for upgrade request 72/48/24 hours in advance and, get this, if you’re traveling with a companion they receive a complimentary upgrade as well.
The upgrade allows for one class of service movement, for instance, economy class to first class on a two cabin flight or economy class to business class or business class to first class on a three cabin flight. There are some restrictions that involve the type of ticket purchased, but very few that will affect most travelers.  United defines domestic travel as the US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.  If you have any of the old printed upgrade certificates, United will still honor them according to the original expiration date, but it’s a use them or lose them proposition because the printed upgrade certificates will become a thing of the past.
For more information or questions regarding Mileage Plus or any of the other frequent flier programs call Christopherson/Andavo Travel and we will be glad to assist.

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Considerations when making changes to your travel policies for 2010

4Q09 is here and budgets will soon be reviewed again for 2010. If you are like most companies, you have cut your travel budget considerably this year and intend to stay as lean and mean as possible with most forecasts indicating increased airfares of 1% to 6%; hotels decreasing more; and rental cars increasing around 4%. With these facts in mind, what should be considered when making changes to your travel policies for 2010?

  • Airfares – look at ways to improve your advanced purchase bookings. With improving demand and carrier capacity cuts, the airlines will not hold those low fare seats open for booking as long as we have seen in 2009. Booking early will become more important in 2010.
  • Car Rentals – as rental car companies continue to cut fleet capacity consider consolidating to one vendor.
  • Hotels – with decreased rates continuing, properties are more open than ever to offer special corporate rates to companies with fewer total-room-night qualifiers.

Christopherson Business Travel makes reports available to indicate where you can improve your advanced booking practices with individual travelers and/or departments thereby maintaining your 2010 budget. Our account managers work with your preferred car vendors to decrease your rates or at the very least keep the rates in check; or, suggest other vendors to consider. We also review and analyze all your hotel rates and options to locate additional savings and added amenities for your travelers.
Christopherson’s AirBank® provides real-time views by travelers, travel arrangers, and travel managers in our single sign-on AirPortal® as to outstanding unused tickets available to insure your use of every travel dollar invested. Car and Hotel Re-Check® monitors your reservations a few days prior to arrival for lower rates, again, insuring you of every savings possible that will positively affect your ROI.

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More About Delayed and Canceled Flights From the EU

Several months ago I did a blog outlining your rights when traveling domestically according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Now, I’m going to address your rights when flying into, out of or within the European Union.  These rights may conflict with the ones that the US DOT has set in place and as a distressed traveler you have the option of picking the one that best serves your needs.
In 2005, the EU put forth new regulations for all airlines servicing the EU.  These regulations were designed to give passengers some relief when their flights are delayed or canceled and to help protect them if the passenger was bumped. I will give you a brief overview of them and provide you a link to follow if you want more detail.
If your flight is delayed or canceled or you are involuntarily bumped, the airline MUST provide the following, 2 telephone calls or a fax or telex or an email, at no cost to the passenger. If the flight is a short flight, less than 1500 kilometers these rules apply after a two hour delay, if it is a flight between 1501 and 3000 kilometers, then they apply after a 3 hour delay. In addition, after 2 hours the airlines must provide you with written information explaining your rights and what government entity to file your complaint with. You also are entitled to snacks and/or meals depending on the length of the delay. If you are forced to overnight, the airline is responsible for your hotel room. On short flights that are delayed 2 hours or more, you are entitled to cash or vouchers worth 250 Euros, on longer flights the amount is 400 Euros and up to 600 if it is a greater distance than 3000 kilometers. So if you are delayed you should be getting money or vouchers, if you agree to accept the vouchers, if you don’t want a voucher, then they pay in money, electronic funds transfer or bank check.
What happens if they don’t give you the full amount? You file a complaint with the appropriate government entity listed on your form that the airline has to give you and have them pursue the matter on your behalf. If you are entitled to 250 Euros and the airline only gives you 100 Euros, the governing body will go after the airline for the remaining 150 Euros. The airlines cannot get out of paying the full amount just by telling you that’s all they are going to pay. They are still responsible for the full amount.
If the airline offers to reroute you and the arrival time falls within certain guidelines as laid out by the EU, then the amount of compensation may be reduced by as much as 50%. Basically if the offered scheduled arrival time is within 2 hours for short, 3 hours for medium and 4 hours for long distance flights, then the airline can reduce the amount paid out.
If there is a weather delay that directly impacts your flight, the airline may not be responsible however it must be impacting the specific flight you are on, not a cascading delay.
If you are involuntarily bumped, you get the same compensation as those who suffer delays, plus a refund for the unused portion(s) of your journey, as well as assistance in rerouting you either back to your point of origin or to a point where you can resume your originally scheduled travel.
As you can see, by comparison, the EU is stricter than the US DoT when it comes to air passenger rights.
I will admit that I know that the airlines continue to ignore the EU regulations, even when they are fully aware of them. However if one has access to the regulations, one can generally get better treatment from airlines servicing the EU. And no airline servicing the EU has the legal right to ignore these regulations so if an employee tells you that their airline doesn’t choose to participate, feel free to point out to them that if they serve the EU, they agreed to these terms in order to get the right to do so.
Here are Christopherson Business Travel we hope you will never need to exercise these rights however it is better to know about them and not need them, than it is to need them and not know them.

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Alfred P. Sloan Award reflection of Christopherson Workplace Effectiveness

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce held an awards luncheon and training session today for the Alfred P. Sloan award and included speakers such as Patricia Kempthorne of the Families and Work Institute.
Patricia shared the results of extensive research done by the foundation to determine the aspects of the most effective work place.  The list included the following:

  1. Climate of Respect
  2. Supervisor Task Support
  3. Job Challenge and Learning
  4. Autonomy
  5. Economic Security
  6. Work-Life Fit

Since Mike and Camille Cameron took ownership of Christopherson in 1990 the company has maintained an employee turn over rate of less than 5%; and in an industry known for high employee turnover.
The Cameron’s have intuitively developed a work environment that incorporates the aspects listed above and created a truly “great place to work”.

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Do you have an executive business traveler who needs that extra special touch?
Book a Four Seasons hotel through your agent today and receive these benefits :
Your clients are automatically entitled to added-value benefits at no
extra cost, which include:

  • One-category upgrade based on availability at time of check-in
  • Welcome note at check-in acknowledging travel agency/agent and amenities being extended
  • Daily full American breakfast for two through In-Room Dining or in the hotel restaurant (including buffets)
  • Preferred Partner Value-Added amenity (minimum value: USD85)
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Wish your Flight could Leave on Time? Check out the Best and Worst Cities for On-Time Flight Performance!

(Annualized, June 2009)
Top 10

  1. Salt Lake City 86.0%
  2. Honolulu 84.7%
  3. San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, Calif. 84.1%
  4. Detroit/Warren/Livonia 83.5%
  5. Riverside/San Bernardino/Ontario, Calif. 83.4%
  6. Bakersfield, Calif. 83.3%
  7. Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale 83.1%
  8. Memphis 83.0%
  9. Albuquerquee 83.0%
  10. Sacramento 82.6%

Bottom 10

  1. New York City 66.3%
  2. Palm Bay/Melbourne/Titusville, Fla. 69.2%
  3. Portland/South Portland/Biddeford, Maine 73.3%
  4. Philadelphia 73.4%
  5. Columbia, S.C. 73.6%
  6. Atlanta 73.6%
  7. Rochester, N.Y. 73.9%
  8. Augusta/Richmond County, Ga. 74.0%
  9. Greensboro/High Point, N.C. 74.3%
  10. Syracuse, N.Y. 74.6%

Source: Brookings Institution

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Delta/NW Mileage Program Now Merged

The Northwest Airlines® WorldPerks program officially merged into the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program. SkyMiles is now the sole loyalty program for both Delta and Northwest even though the two airlines will continue to operate separately until the merger is fully complete in early 2010. It’s business as usual for SkyMiles members, who will experience very little change with this program integration. All former WorldPerks members are now SkyMiles members and have a 10-digit SkyMiles account number, which they should use going forward. As of October 1, the Northwest Airlines® WorldPerks program has officially merged into the Delta SkyMiles program.

  • If you had previously linked your WorldPerks and SkyMiles accounts, your accounts are in the process of being consolidated. Your miles, Elite Qualifying Miles and Segments, and lifetime EQMs have already been combined.  Any changes to Medallion or Million Miler status are already reflected in your account.  We are still working to combine the rest of your account information including your tracking and history. We anticipate that all accounts will be fully consolidated over the next month. As soon as we complete the full consolidation, we will advise you via email.
  • If you did not have a SkyMiles account or had not previously linked your WorldPerks and SkyMiles accounts, you have been assigned a 10-digit SkyMiles number that will replace your WorldPerks number. This new number will be communicated to you in early October.

Here’s more information on the loyalty integration process and what you can expect from October 2009 through early 2010.

  • SkyMiles is now the sole loyalty program for both Delta and Northwest even though the two airlines will continue to operate separately until the merger is fully completed in early 2010.
  • All former WorldPerks members are now SkyMiles members and will begin receiving their new 10-digit SkyMiles account number during the first two weeks in October.
  • WorldPerks members who linked their WorldPerks account to their SkyMiles account will have their account information consolidated. and their SkyMiles number will be their primary account number moving forward.
  • All WorldPerks elite qualification miles, redeemable miles, Elite, and Million Air status are transferred into the member’s SkyMiles account.

Key Points for WorldPerks Members

  • Members who linked their accounts will receive an email advising them when their WorldPerks account information has been merged into their SkyMiles account.
  • WorldPerks members who did not link their accounts will receive either an email or SkyMiles credential package advising them of their new number.
  • For all new bookings, please provide your SkyMiles number to travel agents and airline, hotel, car rental, and all other SkyMiles partners.
  • For all existing bookings that include your previous WorldPerks account number, you do not have to do anything—you will receive mileage credit.
  • Your WorldPerks PIN can be used to access your SkyMiles account information.
  • If you did not link your former WorldPerks account to your existing SkyMiles account and now have multiple SkyMiles accounts, you can now request to merge your duplicate SkyMiles account online.
  • Going forward, all SkyMiles program rules and conditions apply. To review the rules, please visit the SkyMiles Membership Guide & Program Rules.
  • For further information visit SkyMiles/WorldPerks® Program Integration .
  • Source:
Vacation Travel

O’ahu Hawaii what to see and do

For many vacationers traveling to Hawaii, O’ahu is a quick stop over for a couple of days before flying on to Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii. The most often requested attraction is Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center. While I agree that these two attractions are a must do, there is so much more to see and do while in O’ahu. One could easly spend a week exploring the island and still not see it all. Most all the attractions can be pre arranged by your travel consultant. It is recommended to prebook these activities before you get there so that you will not be disappointed if they are sold out. Rest assured that if you prebook an activity and then find that your plans have changed you can change the time or date without a penalty. Christopherson Travel’s vacation consultants have experienced first hand many of these tours and can assist in finding the right tour for anyone.
Here are just a few examples of the many activities that are available on O’ahu.
Two Good Kayaks: A paddling tour that takes you over the reef-protected waters on Kailua Bay.
Hans Hedemman Surf School: Learn how to surf the waves from a professional surfer during a 2 hour private lesson.
Home of the Brave: A unique military historic tour with access to many points of interest not accessable without special permission from the government.
Island Seaplane Tour: A fun and exciting way to see and experience the beautiful island of O’ahu. It is offered as a 30 minute tour or a full hour tour.
Dolphin Quest Encounter: Swim and play with dolphins in a natural lagoon. Each Dolphin encounter is unique based upon the guests, trainers and dolphins.
The next time you are planning a vacation to Hawaii consider spending a few days on O’ahu and experence the many activities available to you.

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AirPortal® – Traveler Communication Suite

AirPortal® Screenshot

The genesis for AirPortal® came from the banking model. It occurred to us that everyone can access their banking transactions from one simple log-in. Whether you transact your banking on-line, use the drive-up window, go inside the bank, use mail or do it with electronic transfers, you can always find all of your banking transactions in one place. Conversely, access to your travel bookings is fragmented, depending on how, when and where you booked your travel.
AirPortal® gives you the ability to view all of your historical and future itineraries and travel data in one place with one log-in.
From that starting point, AirPortal® has gone through many upgrades and enhancements and has become Christopherson Andavo Travel’s exclusive travel portal which allows the business traveler the ability to manage all their travel needs from one simple login.

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Did you know….

That on September 9th the U.S. Senate passed S. 1023, the “Travel Promotion Act,”  79 to 19. The legislation creates a public-private partnership to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and better explain U.S. security policies. Once passed by the House of Representatives and enacted into law, the program is estimated to create 40,000 U.S. jobs, drive $4 billion in new consumer spending according to Oxford Economics and reduce the federal budget deficit by $425 million according to the Congressional Budget Office.
That Overseas visitors spend an average of $4,500 per person, per trip in the United States.   Velkommen!  Bienvenido! Irashaimase! Mabuhay! Kai Ora! Welcome!
That the Hilton Hotel downtown Salt Lake City and the Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City have strong Green Sustainable Programs.
That the top three cities with the highest daily per diem rate that include hotel, food and car are New York City $615.19 per day, Washington D.C. $513.99 per day, and Boston $466.74 per day.  Denver is number thirty four at $343.15 and Salt Lake City comes in at number eighty seven  $274.56 per day.
That we used to be able to go in to the arm of the Statue of Liberty.  Date arm closed to visitors:  1916.  On July 30, 1916 during World War I, German saboteurs blew up a cache of dynamite at nearby Black Tom Wharf in nearby New Jersey.  The explosion did extensive structural damage to the buildings on Ellis Island and popped some bolts out of the Statue of Liberty’s right arm.  Officials closed the monument for about a week.  When the monument re-opened and ever since the arm has been off limites to tourists.
That each U.S. household would pay $995 more in taxes without the tax revenue generated by the travel and tourism industry?  $995 will buy about five weeks of groceries for a family of four, will fill the average car with gas 17 times, or will even pay the average cost of a ticket to a Michigan vs. Ohio state football game.
That approximately 2.8 million hotel room nights are sold every day in the United States? That is enough hotel rooms to lodge every person living in Dallas, Detroit, Denver and Orlando combined.
That travel and tourism generates $110 billion in tax revenue for local, state and federal governments? If you place 110 billion one dollar bills end-to-end, they would circle the world 419 times.
That the three most useless things to a pilot are the altitude above you, a runway behind you, and a tenth of a second ago.
And last but not least..
That Christopherson Andavo Travel saves over 800 companies thousands of dollars every year due to their proprietary technology, consultative account management and experienced travel consultants.  If you have not had the opportunity to “try out” the  Christopherson Andavo experience, what are you waiting for?!  Visit and submit your information today.

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Best Value vs. Cheapest

As an agent, I frequently hear the phrase “I want the cheapest” from customers.  Over the years I have learned that what most people mean when they say this isn’t that they want the cheapest, they want the best value.  Sometimes a customer will insist that price is the only factor driving their decision as to what to purchase.  Sometimes customers will listen to their agent’s advice and sometimes they will choose to ignore it at their own peril.  For some people the best way to learn something is to experience it while others will choose to learn from other’s experience.
Some years ago I had a client who asked me to arrange a trip for her.  It was a combination work and vacation trip the week before Christmas.  She was flying from Salt Lake City to Dallas, where she was attending some meetings, then on to Buffalo where she was do a presentation.  After that she wanted to fly to Boston for the weekend to visit relatives and then to return to Salt Lake City.  I put together an itinerary that allowed her to do all this and brought her back on the nonstop flight from Boston.  After I presented this to her she told me that she had found it for $10.00 less online.  I admitted to her that I could do it for $10.00 less however it would require her to fly from Boston to Buffalo, then to Dallas and then to Salt Lake City and in my opinion that wasn’t a good deal.  She opted to go for the lower fare, so I went ahead and did what she asked.  The morning when she was to return from Boston, there was a snowstorm, which caused her to misconnect in Buffalo.  She ended up overnighting there because that was when the next available seat was.  Then she arrived in Dallas a day late and had to standby to get home to Salt Lake City.  I spoke with her following the holidays and I asked her how the trip went.  She told me that was the most expensive $10.00 savings she had ever experienced.
Not everyone would make the same decision that she did and certainly not most experienced travelers and yet experienced travelers still make some decisions about travel because they are unaware that they are missing an option or two.  An example of this is a friend of mine who insists that he can always get a better deal online than any agent can get him.  I admit that sometimes he does find a terrific deal.  Of course, he spends hours upon hours to find them and frequently they are significantly different from his initial request so he is no longer comparing apples to apples.  However there are times when he really misses the boat because he doesn’t want to pay my fee.  As an example, he was traveling from Salt Lake City to Brisbane Australia and he only wanted to have one connection in each direction.  He found a “deal” on one of the major online booking tools for $2300.00, when he called me and asked me if I could beat it, I was able to get him the exact same flights for $1363.99 simply because I knew how to break the fare in order to get a much lower price.  If he hadn’t called me, he would have paid $926.01 too much in airfare and he would have save $30.00 in the difference between the fees.  I would gladly spend $30.00 to save over $900.00.
I admit that I’ve never cared for the word cheapest as it seems to carry a very negative connotation for me.  It calls up the image of shoddy and tacky things that while being very low priced, also deliver a very low value for the money spent.  One of the advantages of utilizing an agent is that the agent brings additional value to the trip, be it in finding creative ways to save money or in pointing out that for a few dollars more you may be able to purchase a fully refundable ticket or get a ticket that allows you to get a seat assignment or that you can upgrade your car or hotel.  Generally most people prefer to get the greatest value for the least amount of money and in something like travel it is easy to lose sight of the value being offered for a couple of dollars difference in service fees or pricing.
A full service agency, like Christopherson Travel, offers you a great deal in terms of additional values that you may not get booking your travel on your own.  When you book your travel through us you get the expertise that comes from having agents with an average of 22 years in the industry, you get cutting edge technology like AirPortal, Airtinerary, Airbank, you get access to Christopherson Travel exclusive rates at hotels, with car rental agencies and on some airlines, you get visa and passport information and access to a 24 hour emergency support team.  All this for a few dollars more than what you would pay for doing it yourself.  You can see a demonstration of our technology at