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Lost or Stolen Photo ID?

Have you ever had your photo ID stolen while traveling by air? Or have you misplaced your photo ID and then had that ‘sinking stomach’ feeling when you realize it is required to board your flight? The TSA has provided us an answer to this problem on their website along with many other ‘what-if and can I’ scenarios.
For example:
Q.  If I lose my ID during travel, what secondary forms of ID will be accepted?
A.  Passengers who do not have a valid photo ID, such as State-issued driver’s license, should bring any ID or documents they have available to assist in verification of identity.  Passengers need at least two alternate forms of identification, such as a social security card, birth certificate, marriage license, or credit card. The documents must bear the name of the passenger. Also, one of these documents must bear identification information containing one of the following:  date of birth, gender, address, or photo. If TSA can confirm the passenger’s identity, they may enter the secured area, but they could be subject to additional screening.
I found the TSA web-page of FAQs very helpful, and most certainly hope that my photo ID is always with me.

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International Credit Cards Save You Money/Hassle On Overseas Business Travel

The Business Insider published an article on June 22 written by Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of Card Hub, about the benefits of using a “no international fee” credit card for travelers making overseas business trips. The article details the financial implications, savings and convenience this type of card provides, instead of using cash for trip purchases when traveling abroad.  Papadimitriou says:
The bottom line is that you’ll save money by using a credit card instead of cash when traveling abroad. Not only will you automatically get a favorable exchange rate, but if you’re using a rewards credit card, you’ll also get miles, points or cash back with every purchase you make. What’s more, if your card gets lost or stolen, you won’t be out money or left scrambling to access additional funds. Credit cards all have $0 liability guarantees, and credit card companies have numbers you can call for assistance free of charge from outside the U.S. Therefore, a credit card will help you and your company save on business travel from booking to your time spent in the destination to the post-trip bill.

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Delta Named No. 1 in Six Executive Travel Leading Edge Awards

(June 23, 2011) – The readers of Executive Travel magazine have chosen Delta as the gold medal winner in six categories for the publication’s 2011 Leading Edge Awards – more than any other airline. Delta also received five silver and two bronze medals.

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Top 5 ways to annoy your airplane seatmate

I found this recent Gadling article hilarious – all about the best ways to annoy your airplane seatmate.  Click on the link to read the details, but basically just follow the below advice… 
5. Total armrest domination
4. The art of conversation
3. Something smells fishy
2. Bathroom breaks
1. Airsick
From personal experience, I would also add smelly feet or breath, and those whose poor earphones allow you to also enjoy every bit of whatever they’re listening to. What are your airplane pet peeves?

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Take Steps for a Smooth Flight

A few months back I was traveling in the Washington DC area and spent a few extra hours in the Washington National airport waiting for a delayed flight. It was amazing to me to watch not one, but several different groups of travelers, be turned away at the counter. They had airline itineraries in hand, but the airline was telling them that they did not have confirmed reservations. In this age of “ticketless” travel, there are steps you can take to make sure your travel plans run smoothly.

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Hotels make profits, how can your company benefit?

<Hotels are benefiting from the rise in business travel
Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Host Hotels & Resorts said they had more guests in the first quarter as a gradual economic recovery sent more workers back on the road to do business.  Both companies focus on the high-end business traveler.  Starwood raised its outlook for the year and reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit.
I think this is proof that it is especially important for companies to keep an eye on their hotel spend, negotiate corporate rates when possible, and join corporate programs such as the Starwood Preferred Business Program.

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Christopherson Wins Utah’s Best of State Travel Agency and Best of the Best for Tourism

On Saturday, June 4 at an awards gala in Salt Lake City, Utah, Christopherson Business Travel was awarded Best of State, Travel Agency for the second year in a row. This was a great achievement alone, but to add to the excitement, Christopherson was also awarded Best of the Best in the Tourism category; which is an outstanding recognition and extremely competitive to earn. A big round of applause for the support of our clients and all of the Christopherson team in accomplishing this level of recognition.

More details about the award and a list of the other finalists.


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Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

Companies with multi-national operations and those with employees who travel across borders are increasingly concerned about managing risk to their travelers, expatriates and assignees. When employers fail to comply with their duty of care obligations, the following situations can occur:

  • While working overseas, an employee gets sick and does not have access to adequate medical treatment 
  • During a natural disaster, a company realizes that it does not have sustainable business continuity plans, and/or employees cannot be evacuated easily and face unnecessary hardship
  • An employee travels to a country where malaria is endemic. She is not given prophylaxis or education on malaria by her employer. She contracts the disease and gets very sick.

These incidences are all avoidable. Unfortunately, the employers were not prepared and faced needless litigation, damaged reputation and interruptions to their operations.
To learn more about Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management please click on this white paper link by International SOS.

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Why You Should Travel During Economic Slow Times

As the economy continues to recover from the worst recession since the 1930’s, companies continue to try to cut unnecessary expenses and one area frequently targeted is travel.
While it may be a prudent thing to make some cuts and reductions in travel expenditures, companies need to be careful not to over do it.  Some companies have tried to replace face-to-face sales calls with video conferencing or with web-based solutions; however, these solutions tend not to be as successful as a sit-down meeting where relationships are built.  Companies that do a combination of approaches, including traveling to meet the customer have a higher success rate at getting the business than those that rely solely upon technological approaches.
This was discussed at the Global Travel and Tourism Summit held in May 2011 in Las Vegas. The article has a nice summary of some of the benefits of actually traveling to visit clients and potential clients. However, it overlooks some advantages that a company gains by traveling when the economy is slow, which include putting your name and product in front of the customer when your competition is not. Also sending sales teams to conferences allows for the development of new sales from unexpected sources, such as random or chance meetings in elevators, on flights or in airports where one can meet a previously unknown customer. These chance encounters can result in a higher rate of return on the travel budget.
What we do at Christopherson Business Travel is help you control the costs and thus allow you to maximize the value of your travel budget. We provide our customers with a variety of tools that help ensure that your travel policy is followed. We also offer online booking tools, as well as a very experienced full-service staff, so that we can customize our service to meet your needs.

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Memorial Day Weekend… Travel, Honor or Both?

As many packed up and headed out for a 3 or 4 day weekend, was the meaning behind this most important holiday left behind?
Memorial Day was officially declared by General John Logan, National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic when the country was still reeling from the tragedy of the Civil War and the loss of 620,000 soldiers. Many referred to this day as Decoration Day, as those grateful for the service of fallen soldiers would decorate their graves with flowers. Many women in the South, prior to the end of the Civil War decorated the graves of fallen soldiers and loved ones. Though Memorial Day was officially established and honored on May 30, 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War it was only celebrated by the Northern States. It wasn’t celebrated by the Southern States until after World War I when the holiday changed from honoring just those who died in the Civil War to honoring all Americans who had died fighting in any war.
This holiday is one that should be honored with grace and gratefulness. Those who have lost their lives in the service of our country are those who have kept the American Dream alive. We each have our own dreams, but is our freedom that allows us to live them. As times have changed and many more survive their service in the military, some with devasting physical disabilties, it is important that we remember and honor all those who serve to protect our priceless freedoms.
This Memorial Day weekend, we hope you took the time to decorate the graves of those who have fallen, thank those soldiers who have served and still serve. And, while vacationing or picnicking with your loved ones, take an opportunity to teach your children the meaning behind Memorial Day, and if you have family members whom you are honoring, do so by sharing their stories and memories. In my case, I will be honoring my father (World War II & Korean War) and two brothers (Iraq War) and am indebted for their service and grateful for their survival.