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The big difference between direct & non-stop flights

flight-monitorWell known travel writer Chris McGinnis, from Travel Skills Group, Inc., recently published an article defining the distinction between direct, non-stop, and connecting flights. You might be interested to know that there is a significant difference, although airlines continue to add routes and market flights as “direct.”

Non-stop: A nonstop flight is a single flight between two airports with no stops.

Direct: A direct flight makes at least one intermediate stop along the way to its final destination, but has only one flight number.

Connecting: A connecting flight will take at least two different planes with two different flight numbers to reach the final destination.

Business travelers always prefer non-stop flights because it gets them to their final destination faster, however this distinction is not always recognized.

Click here to read the full article.

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The Benefits of Using Christopherson’s Duty of Care tool, SecurityLogic®

SecurityLogic® is one of Christopherson Business Travel’s premier travel technology tools that allows you to locate and alert your company’s travelers anywhere in the world, at any time.

For example, let’s say I just landed in Paris (from Los Angeles) and my assistant (who is flying in from Atlanta) is meeting me at the airport. My business partner left this morning from Beijing to join us, but is delayed in Jakarta. Two of our executive board members are in the air from Dallas to meet up with us, and the attorney is en-route to the Chicago airport to catch his flight to join us for dinner.

After a week of business in Paris, we are all off to a trade show in London, and then onto Dubai for a 6-hour board meeting. Because of our hectic trip, we decide to make a change on our return to be rerouted through Japan, in order to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the Tokyo night life.

Keeping track of all the variables, flights, cities, and travelers for such a trip could be confusing and time-consuming. But with Christopherson’s SecurityLogic, each traveler has been tracked every step of the way. Additionally, if our travel manager wonders if we are okay at any point in the trip, they can send us a Safety Check alert that will come straight to our phones, to which we can then respond with a yes or no depending on our situation and needs. Ultimately, SecurityLogic® brings peace of mind to the traveler, colleagues, and loved ones at home.

To learn more about this and other tools that can enhance your company’s business travel program, contact one of our executives for more information.

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How is the new Delta SkyMiles Program different?

As a frequent Delta Air Lines traveler, I wanted to learn more about the new 2015 SkyMiles Program; I was pleased to find out that their already great program will soon become even better.

How is Delta’s new SkyMiles Program different?

Beginning January 1, 2015, miles will be earned based on ticket price to better reward customers who spend more with Delta. In the past, the airline issued points based on miles. Delta has also created more redemption options and increased the number of Award Seats at the lower price points. Just like before, your existing miles and any earned going forward will not expire. Delta SkyMiles credit card members will also continue to earn up to an additional two miles per dollar on Delta purchases with the card.

The best part about the new program? You can redeem award tickets for any Delta flight with NO blackout dates!

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TSA Pre? Update

TSA Pre?™ has recently undergone some positive changes. Due to complaints regarding slow lines, not enough personnel coverage, and too many non-Pre? members using the Pre? lanes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reduced the number of non-Pre? passengers using those lanes by 25%.

However, this doesn’t mean it is smooth sailing for TSA Pre? members. In 2014, Congress reduced funding for TSA by $530 million and the agency had to cut 3,500 screening positions. TSA’s reduction in personnel leaves TSA employees covering both the Pre? and the regular lines. This also allows for low risk travelers to go through the TSA Pre? lanes for faster screening.

Travelers may not like this, but TSA hopes the experience will encourage non-members to apply for the expedited service. In fact, TSA is hiring a private contractor to recruit people into the trusted-traveler status. In 2015, a marketing campaign will begin to recruit members and TSA will offer onsite sign-ups at business locations.

Currently 598,184 people are enrolled in PreCheck and more than 1.3 million through Global Entry. With the new campaign, TSA could sign up some 10 million people. In theory, more people, more money, more personnel, means faster screening. I least I hope so.

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Delta Stays in Dallas, Until January

Delta Air Lines can keep flying from Dallas Love Field–at least through the end of the year. Recently, the City of Dallas informed Delta it had to two weeks to exit the airport. But for now, Delta will continue operating its five daily flights to and from Atlanta after Southwest Airlines agreed to let Delta use one of its gates until January 6.

United Airlines will also allow Delta to use ticket gates and other operational space until the end of the year. After these dates, Delta will have to negotiate a more permanent deal with Southwest, United, or Virgin America to lease a slot to continue flying to Atlanta.

Delta also issued a statement announcing the ongoing negotiations: “Delta Air Lines has secured the right to continue to operate service at Dallas Love Field through the end of the year, and continues to work with all parties involved toward a permanent solution to allow for long-term service.”

For more information, visit

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United Airlines: What a difference a year has made

I have lived in Denver, a United Airlines hub, for 13 years. Previously, I lived in Houston, a Continental Airlines hub. Remember Continental? Call it southern hospitality or just dang good service, but Continental knew how to treat their customers. For United–though they’ve had an exceptional product and loyal customers in the past–a rocky merger/acquisition left their customer service severely lacking.

But fast forward to today and I can tell you–because I experience it every day with my business travel clients–United airlines has made big, positive changes. They are proactively finding ways to help me as a business travel Account Manager and our company’s customers. I have been able to provide more positive air travel solutions and perks for my clients, and I’m finding it enjoyable to work with United again.

I am sure this positive shift also has a lot to do with Senior Vice President, Dave Hilfman. I had the privilege of working with Dave in Houston when he was in charge of sales for Continental. Dave understands fanatical customer service. I’d like to encourage our readers to take five minutes to watch this video of Dave outlining the customer-focused initiatives United has taken. You can definitely see how United’s focus has truly turned in favor of the customer (travel management companies and travelers alike).


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Christopherson Sponsors Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management Conference

2014 09 30 SCTEM Panel Photo
Christopherson’s Business Development Manager, Kathleen Roberts (far right), with panel members at the SCTEM Conference

Christopherson was pleased to be a major sponsor of the annual Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management (SCTEM) conference in Westminster, Colorado, September 28–30.  The event organizers did a fabulous job of providing interesting and insightful keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and vendor networking opportunities.

The SCTEM conference attracts more than 150 attendees representing colleges, universities, and associated travel management and expense vendors from across the country. The event is a natural fit for Christopherson in that our current client base includes nearly two dozen colleges and universities nationwide.

The higher education niche requires unique travel management solutions and is not supported by all travel management companies. However, Christopherson has chosen to invest in both experienced service personnel and technology in order to deliver highly effective travel management programs to our collegiate clients.

Many thanks to the SCTEM board of directors for presenting another excellent conference. We appreciate our membership in the organization and look forward to future events together.


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Top Company 2014: Tourism/Hospitality

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United’s Personal Device Entertainment Provides Complimentary In-flight Options

pde_600x264Last month, we shared Delta’s new in-flight entertainment option. But let’s not forget United’s personal device entertainment (PDE), which is complimentary.

PDE allows customers to access a free on-board library of movies and TV shows through personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

United will have PDE on more than 200 aircraft across five fleet types:

  • 23 747s
  • 9 777s
  • 54 737-900 ERs
  • 12 757-300s
  • 152 Airbus 319s and 320s

Customers booked on PDE flights will receive an email the day before travel advising them that PDE will be available, so they may come prepared with their devices.

PDE is part of United’s long-term inflight entertainment plan to outfit all mainline aircraft with Wi-Fi connectivity, plus at least one other entertainment option. United is also adding in-seat power to all PDE fleets in addition to the nearly 500 newly installed charging stations at airports gates.

To determine if your upcoming flight offers personal device entertainment, check the Inflight Amenities tab in the Flight Status information within 24 hours of your flight departure.