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Have You Reviewed and Updated Your Corporate Travel Program?

Travel managementAs an Account Manager with Christopherson Business Travel, I’m responsible for my clients travel management efficiency.  They often rely on me to assist with developing an effective travel policy to compliment their organization’s travel program. I’ve noticed that cost savings and service delivery have dominated the focus for most companies overall, whether the travel program responsibility is driven by the finance, human resource, or procurement department.

The Importance of a Travel Policy

The true cornerstone of an effective travel program is the travel policy. How long has it been since you sat down and went through your travel policy and efficiency? How does it line up with bullet points below?

  • Travel procurement begins with having a strong travel policy, because of its impact on travel spend and traveler satisfaction.
  • Having a strong travel policy, and traveler adherence to that policy, allows organizations to secure better pricing from preferred suppliers such as air carriers, car rental companies, and hotels.
  • The travel policy must be clear, enable travel, and provide guidelines. It must also align with your organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Christopherson Business Travel has already helped countless organizations across the country save money by providing assistance in developing an effective travel policy and more efficiently managing their travel programs.  To learn more about how Christopherson can help with your travel program, contact us today.

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Christopherson in the News: Seven Corporate Travel Trends for 2016

Travel Market Report recently interviewed Christopherson Business Travel’s CEO, Mike Cameron, about his outlook for next year. Click here to read the full article and his thoughts on Christopherson’s overall increases in travel, investments in technology, and the growing meeting sector.

Corporate travel trends



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Seven Corporate Travel Trends for 2016


Seven Corporate Travel Trends for 2016

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Business Travel is Never Easy, But We’re Here

business travel Traveling for business is not easy. Discomforts include being away from friends and loved ones, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, being exposed to others’ germs, and driving in unfamiliar cities, all while trying to keep up with the constant flow of email, texts, IM, voicemail, and project deadlines. Yet business travelers are the lifeblood of the business world. They negotiate contracts, solve problems, and facilitate critical trading relationships that bolster the global economy. As a Travel Management Company, we work hard to make sure those business travelers are equipped with the tools and support needed to make their travels easier.

Beginning with the booking process, we offer a wide variety of choices–from do-it-yourself online booking options to VIP agent services. Traveling internationally? We provide up-to-date passport and visa requirements, and one button access to passport and visa services. En route, we provide easy access to itineraries, travel alerts for events or situations that may affect travel, and notifications on delays, cancellations, or gate changes. If travel plans are disrupted help is needed, our ‘click to call’ feature connects directly to our agents who will provide helpful assistance. Renting a car? We work with our clients to set up a contract with one of our preferred car providers. This allows companies access to elite membership benefits, including free upgrades and expedited check-in.

Our new partnership with Checkmate, allows travelers to make pre-arrival requests that are easily communicated via text or email with their hotel prior to check-in and throughout their stay. Need down pillows, room service delivered at a specific time, or another special request? No problem. Checkmate provides a direct connection from your phone. 

No, business travel is never easy, but Christopherson Business Travel works hard to make it as pleasant as possible. So, to all our clients and their road warriors who help drive our global economy, we thank you for your business and wish you safe travels!

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Data Security When Traveling Abroad

data security while travelingI don’t know about you, but I am becoming increasingly paranoid about security when accessing my personal data while business traveling, especially financial websites like my retirement accounts, bank, and credit cards. If at all possible, I access these sites only when I’m at home.

While security should always be on one’s mind, business travelers should be especially careful when traveling to China, as it is recognized as having the most dangerous internet environment. A recent New York Times (NYT) blog article discussed this issue with former National Security Agency official, Thomas Parenty, wherein he discussed topics such as the biggest threat for foreign firms, mistakes made while trying to be secure in China, and precautions business travelers should take.

Comments on NYT post also suggest that if you do have to connect in China, only do so through VPN. Another comment suggests, “instead of trying to secure what one typically uses, and something that may well contain sensitive information, start from the premise that whatever you bring is inherently insecure and work from there.  Even if nothing happens, you’re safer from the start.”

Another article from the Washington Post mentions Russia and France as additional countries that pose internet security challenges for business travelers, and carrying disposable cellphones and loaner laptops might be considered. Ultimately, security begins with awareness and it would be smart to always know what risks certain countries pose.

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“The Handshake” and Communication Protocols for Better Business

handshake communication for business travelAll communication between computers requires that the devices agree on the format of the data. The parameters of a communications channel must be established before the digital “handshake” will allow the communication to begin.

All communication between humans also requires that both parties agree on the parameters of the communication before they meet–shall we use digital, telephone, or a physical handshake for this meeting?

In 1889 Jules Verne imagined that the “phonotelephote” would replace the need for physical handshakes. This is no longer science fiction. All of us are now inundated with email, text messages, and WebEx meetings. And yes, we still use the old-fashioned telephone too. But according to a recent article in The Economist, “Companies are spending more on sending their staff out to win deals.”

At Christopherson Business Travel, we’re seeing the same trend, with our airline bookings up 13% year-over-year. While some of this growth is from new clients, much of it is coming from existing clients who are sending their people out to meet face-to-face, shake hands, build relationships, and win deals.

Whenever we experience a poor-quality internal conference call, we remind ourselves it’s a good thing that people need to see each other face-to-face in order to obtain greater effectiveness. After all, that’s the business we’re in. For more than 60 years, we’ve been providing companies of all sizes across the globe with cost-effective, personalized, and hassle-free business travel management and resources. Plus, our exclusive AirPortal® travel technology applications are the only tools you’ll ever need to manage your business trips.

If you’re looking for better business travel management so that you and your team can extend more than a virtual handshake to your clients, our executives would be happy and share more information about our services and technology.

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Five Products For Easier Business Travel

aviiqSavvy travelers, especially those who travel for business, seem to be very focused on making every aspect of their trip as quick, convenient, and painless as possible. To learn some of their tricks, here are five products that will help you stay organized and efficient on your next trip.

1) The Cordito by This is Ground is a small leather cord roll that is made in the USA. Fitting two plugs and three small cords, it is the perfect way to store all those phone cords and adapters.

2) A smartphone wallet case will allow you to keep your phone and wallet together, maximizing space in your carry-on bag. These can be found by a variety of different makers at a range of prices.

3) A jewelry roll will keep all of your accessories organized and minimize the time you spend untangling them while on the road.

4) A Sky Roll Garment Bag rolls clothing into a cylinder so your dress clothes never have crease marks. This minimizes the amount of ironing you will need to do upon arriving at your hotel.

5) A portable charger is always useful, but a charging station like the one from AViiQ can take your efficiency to the next level.

What products would you recommend to enhance the business travel experience?