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TSA Changes Opt Out Policy for Body Scans

Getting checked by the TSA’s advanced-imaging technology used to be entirely optional. Those who refused a scan could instead receive a pat-down search. In fact, many observers thought the agency installed the 740 body scanners with an understanding that no one would be forced to use them, ever. body scanner

But in December, TSA revised its rules, saying an “opt out” is no longer an option for certain passengers, resulting in travelers at more than 160 airports not being given the option to say ‘no’ to the full-body scan.

The decision (see the full document on drew mixed reactions, however, according to a former safety director of the Federal Aviation Administration, this decision was based on security threat assessments and the need to use scanners when security conditions dictate, to protect the public.

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Airbnb for Business Travel

Airbnb now offers a business travel program that allows travelers the option of linking bookings to their company so that travel managers can track and report on on Airbnb stays. Airbnb also participates with Concur Triplink to report and track in Concur. Airbnb_Logo

What is Airbnb? Airbnb is a website where homeowners can share their homes and living space with travelers in need of accommodations. Available housing options can range from futons on the floor to castles on the hilltop.

Airbnb requires hosts who want to provide business travel accommodations to become “business ready.” Being business ready requires the space to have business travel amenities such as a laptop or computer work space, basic linens, shampoo, pet-free (during the business traveler’s stay), and a 24/7 check-in or entrance.

Account Managers or agents can be added to Airbnb business accounts in order to view the reporting dashboard and manage business trips for travelers. They however cannot book on behalf of the account holder.

If you feel your business model may work with Airbnb, consult your Christopherson Account Manager to discuss available options for your travel program. Keep in mind, though, that this is an outside booking option and may not work with your managed program.

To learn more go to

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Are We There Yet?: Navigation Apps for Business Travelers

Navigation apps for business travelersBusiness travel can be jolting. You’re in a new city and rushing across town, for a meeting that was scheduled before you knew how far away it was from your hotel.  Take the stress out of travel details by being prepared ahead of time. I recently found some great apps for maps and navigation that might be helpful to fellow business travelers.


This free app plots directions almost down to the inch. It’s functional and useful whether you are in a car or on foot. Even better, it works offline, so you are never scrambling for a signal. It provides constant updates and makes it easy to set route preferences. iPhone | Android


You’re probably familiar with this app, but if not, Google Maps works to navigate your world faster and easier. Google maps uses it’s larger database of businesses and inforamtion to provide additional facts, like business hours or menus.  iPhone | Android


The free version of this iOS-only app allows you to chart your own course based on weather, elevation, curviness, daylight and places along the route. This is the perfect app for road tripping business travelers. iPhone


CoPilot is a great app for those that might have limited or spotty cellular coverage as it offers offline navigation. It is available on many different platforms, and specializes for different types of travelers.  iPhone | Android

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Salt Lake City Airport Now Offers Premium Reserved Parking

Premium Reserved Parking, which provides travelers with a guaranteed, covered parking space adjacent to airport terminals, has been added to the parking garage at Salt Lake City International Airport.

There are 71 reserved parking spaces available, including three that are ADA-accessible. The new Premium Reserved Parking is accessed via a dedicated entry lane and includes a concierge service with personalized staff assistance. Travelers can make a reservation in advance by going to Once a reservation is made, travelers will receive a Quick Response (QR) code that allows entry into the reserved parking area. Before using Premium Reserved Parking however, business travelers should check their company’s travel reimbursement policy as this service costs $50 a day.

The Premium Reserved Parking lot was created when space became available due to the closing of the parking garage’s drive-through passenger pick-up/drop-off lane as part of Salt Lake City Airport’s ongoing Terminal Redevelopment Program.

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Academia: Travel Management’s Toughest Sell


Academia: Travel Management’s Toughest Sell

Company News and Announcements

Why The Midmarket is Gold For Travel Management Companies


Why The Midmarket is Gold For Travel Management Companies

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Destination Spotlight: Jordan

Now that the holidays are over, many people spend January and February planning out their vacation travel for the year with their Andavo Travel advisor.  May I recommend a visit to Jordan in 2016?  I just got back in December from spending a week in Jordan, where I toured all the great historical places the country has to offer. I was highly impressed and can’t recommend it enough.

My favorite spot was Petra which is a UNESCO world heritage site and was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World in 2007. This archaeological city in southern Jordan is famous for it’s rock-cut architecture. There are almost 900 different buildings, the Treasury being the most famous. You could easily spend two days walking around all the ruins as the area is very large.

When arriving in Jordan there is a visa charge of 40 Dinar or almost $60.00 USD. This visa charge is waived for people booked through a tour operator that stay at least three nights in Jordan. The airport is approximately 45 minutes from the city of Amman. I would recommend spending two nights in Amman where you can easily visit the citadel, amphitheater, and the ancient city of Jerash where you can walk among the ruins of the Greco-Roman city, Gerasa. It is sometimes referred to as the Pompeii of the Middle East because of it’s size and excavations.

We drove to Wadi Rum and took a jeep ride in the desert sands. We visited the site where TE Lawrence, a British archaeologist and diplomat, tried to help with the Arab revolt against Turkey. His experiences led to the making of the movie, “Lawrence of Arabia”. There we visited several Bedouin camps where you can spend a night in the desert and view the stars and then the next day ride out of camp on a camel.

The Dead Sea was our last stop before heading home. There are several resorts where you can spend time relaxing in their spas or floating in the Dead Sea. The main resorts are the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa, Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, and Crowne Plaza Dead Sea where they have a huge spa area – one of the nicest I have ever seen. When you are at the Dead Sea, you put mud on your body before you get into the water. The black mud is rich in minerals good for maintaining healthy, supple skin – but they only want you to float around in the Dead Sea for 15 minutes due to the high salt content in the water, and they have someone there to remind you of that.

The country of Jordan has amazing Mediterranean food, jaw-dropping historical sites to visit, and warm, friendly people. I felt very safe while I was there and highly recommend it as a great destination to visit.

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Tips for staying in shape while traveling

business travel fitness tipsHere we go again. The holidays probably added five or ten pounds and now it’s the New Year and all of us road warriors are back to traveling every other week. But how are we ever going to get those pounds off and stay in shape?

Here’s the answer: easy-to-follow exercise routines you can do on the road. They will not only help you stay in shape but keep you alert despite the stresses of business travel. With long haul travel especially, maintaining fitness will go a long way to staying fresh and clear.

Click Here for an In-Flight Fitness Workout

Click Here for 18 Exercises for Healthy Flying

Wishing you happy, safe, and healthy travels for 2016!!


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Low Hotel Attachment Rates? Christopherson Has the Solution.

Christopherson Business Travel is pleased to introduce our newest technology tool, Hotel Attachment—a digital solution to the dilemma of low hotel attachment rates.


Hotel Attachment helps companies cut spend, boost business travel policy compliance, and in fulfilling duty of care.

Christopherson is committed to delivering convenient solutions that reduce spend, encourage compliance, and keep everyone safe and informed. Companies of all sizes face the common problem of low hotel attachment rates. Hotel Attachment fixes those low rates and provides the following benefits:

  • Allows for cost-savings by encouraging use of negotiated hotel rates
  • Encourages travelers to comply with travel policies and book with preferred vendors
  • Improves duty of care, should an emergency arise, because you’ll know where travelers are staying
  • Enables travelers to always have a complete itinerary with them when they’re traveling
  • Generates analytics that can help companies reduce spend and negotiate better with vendors
  • Digitizes the process with automated reminders prior to travel



Each day, Hotel Attachment identifies itineraries with missing hotel reservations. When such an itinerary is found, Hotel Attachment sends an email to the traveler with the following four options:

  1. Make a hotel reservation.
  2. Request another reminder for a later date.
  3. Attach a hotel reservation made outside the system to the itinerary.
  4. Waive the need for a hotel reservation.

The traveler simply clicks one of the four options and our system digitally captures and processes their request. Travelers will receive a maximum of two emails—one 24 hours after the initial booking, and a final email seven days prior to travel.

With Hotel Attachment, companies and their travelers can ensure trip plans are complete, hotel compliant, and accessible prior to travel.


We are eager to release this new, easy-to-use technology to our clients. It will be a valuable tool in Christopherson’s AirPortal arsenal and we are confident it will help companies run more convenient, cost-effective travel programs.

There are no usage fees for Hotel Attachment, and once the technology is “turned on,” we encourage clients to communicate both the functions and benefits of Hotel Attachment to their travelers and request that they always choose one of the four options when they receive a Hotel Attachment email.

For  more information, or to begin using Hotel Attachment, please contact a Christopherson Business Travel Account Manager.


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Leadership, Influence, and Willing Followers

what_makes_a_leaderAs we enter the New Year, it’s always good to reflect upon how we lead, if we really do lead, and what influences us to follow others.

We can all be leaders and influence others. A formal title does not guarantee that anyone will have willing followers. As I read what others have to say on this topic many interesting ideas have been proposed. I’ll share a few that were worthwhile to me.

Dr. Travis Bradbury wrote an article “What Makes a Leader?” referencing a quote from John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” This seems like a good test to determine leadership effectiveness. Bradbury later clarifies what leadership is not and points out that “You can be a leader in your workplace, your neighborhood, or your family, all without having a title.” He also outlines that leadership and management are not synonymous. Managers spend most of their time managing things; leaders lead people. He states: “Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a greater good.”

Another good article that really simplifies things is “The Single Leadership Trait That Adds the Most Value to Companies,” written by Aaron Webber. While it may seem a bit simplistic, I thought his ideas had merit. He proposes that “The single most important leadership attribute is constancy, or consistency.” It makes a bit more sense when he explains, “Being consistent in terms of who you are and the theme of principal-based direction you provide is absolutely critical to leadership, or else people will disengage.” He continues, “People need to be able to count on who you are and the principles you are driven by.”

Finally, I’d like to share some thoughts from Lolly Daskal’s blog post “Become the Leader Worth Following.” Daskal proposes that, “Examples of leaders are everywhere. Many are powerful, many are popular, but few are worthy of being followed … They are the people we count on. They are the ones we want to follow without being told.” She concludes with this: “Leadership is a privilege, and making yourself worthy of being followed comes with great responsibility.”

I hope that in 2016 we will all be more introspective and ask ourselves if our actions are inspiring people to become more. Can they count on us? And are we worthy of being followed?