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Additional Security Measures for International Flights to the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today that flights arriving to the United States will undergo additional security measures. This is response to increased threats on commercial aviation as a whole. Starting later this week, passengers flying to the United States should expect additional security measures.

These security measures include:

  • Enhanced screening of travelers
  • Increased security screening of aircraft and passenger areas>
  • Heightened screening of electronic devices that are larger than a standard smartphone
  • Being prepared to remove these devices from protective cases or packaging if asked.
  • Using additional technology
  • Expanding canine security
  • Establishing additional pre-clearance locations

This heightened change effects 105 countries and approximately 280 airports that serve as the last points of departure to the United States. This affects 180 airlines, an average of 2,100 flights per day and 325,000 daily passengers on average. The DHS and TSA will be working with airline stakeholders over the next weeks and months to ensure these security protocols are fully implemented. Stakeholders that fail to adopt these requirements within certain time frames will run the risk of additional security restrictions being imposed.

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Christopherson Business Travel and Domo Harness the Power of Business Data to Transform the Travel Management Industry


Christopherson Business Travel and Domo Harness the Power of Business Data to Transform the Travel Management Industry

Business Travel Travel Management

Christopherson and Domo Partnership

At Christopherson, we’ve built a reputation of being the most innovative, technologically-savvy TMC in the industry. Whether we build it ourselves or integrate with other cutting-edge companies, we are committed to being the first in travel technology and a leader in delivering our clients digital tools to solve their problems. Which is why we are excited to announce our latest solution for busy companies and their employees. Christopherson Business Travel and Domo, a business analytics company, have paired up to streamline travel management data. Using Domo’s ability to quickly turn data into insights, and our technology suite to enhance your travel program, we’re again the first to bring unparalleled service to business travel.

Christopherson and Domo—bringing two leaders together

Domo connects directly to any source of data to streamline its reporting. It can combine, cleanse, and transform data in a flash, uncovering insights in just a few clicks. It allows users to visualize and share data across your organization with ease.

Christopherson and Domo have a multifaceted relationship. We have been using Domo to provide actionable insights for our own business for four years. And we are Domo’s premier travel management company. With a symbiotic relationship like ours, it was only inevitable that we would build something great together.

As the first travel management app developer within their ecosystem, the possibilities to integrate were intriguing. Domo and our travel management software, AirPortal, now integrate at ten different data sources. These ten Domo data connectors help us to gain valuable insight and answer questions with intuitive data exploration and filtering. Our account managers receive alerts when a client’s travel spend makes a significant change, up or down. Our sales team and our OPs managers are also able to make smarter, faster decisions to improve their business results.

Introducing our Domo-Partnered Apps:

We’re excited about our three new Domo Partner apps that will be released at the Global Business Travel Association Convention this week. The first in an ongoing series of apps, they pinpoint managed travel frustrations and easily finds solutions.

Travel Leakage Analyzer

This app provides insight into travel spend, revealing pieces previously hidden.  It integrates directly to a feed from a our Airportal, a general ledger, or Concur Expense, and compares it to bookings made through Christopherson. From there it analyzes travel compliance, and more importantly, finds non-compliance. The drill down functionality also allows you to be as granular as needed. With this tool, you can understand your entire picture of compliance, and know where to start to change it around.

Travel Map Insights

With this app you can effectively determine the best locations for future hotel RFPs, based upon a real time data. By looking at hotel locations, total room nights, average daily rate and total spend, your travel manager can make a more informed decision to future vendor negations. Travel managers will be able to easily see and sort the data to make better decisions.


This is a set of apps offering powerful analytics tools to travel managers. It accesses their data in real-time, making it fast and simple to gleen powerful insights for travel executives and managers.

The Christopherson and Domo Relationship

Premiering at GBTA, this is just the first of an exciting future for powerful and real-time solutions in the travel management industry. With our powerful travel technology suite, coupled with Domo’s cloud-based analysis system, the potential to revolutionize travel management headaches are endless. If you are attending the GBTA convention in Boston this week, we invite you to join us at booth 1175. We will be demo-ing our  integrated apps with Domo, as well as exciting updates to our AirPortal 360 suite. Hope to see you there!

Press Release

Christopherson Business Travel And Domo Harness The Power Of Business Data To Transform The Travel Management Industry

BOSTON and SILICON SLOPES, UT – July 17, 2017 –? ?Christopherson Business Travel and Domo, today announced three new travel management solutions built to deliver groundbreaking analytics and insights on an organization’s travel budgets and spend. With the dynamic pace of change in the travel management industry, travel managers are inundated with data and information that tell different stories about the state of their travel budgets and spend. Domo and
Christopherson teamed up to develop industry-first mobile solutions that leverage Christopherson’s industry expertise and Domo’s ground-breaking technology platform to help travel managers quickly gain powerful insights to improve compliance, negotiate better rates, and improve the traveler experience. “The travel industry is becoming more complex and is ripe for disruption. While massiveamounts of travel data exists, many organizations find it difficult to harness deep insights and quickly take action with this data. By bringing new solutions to market with Christopherson, we are making it easier for travel managers to rapidly respond to the needs of the business and to be more impactful leaders in this time of dramatic change,” said Jay Heglar, chief strategy
officer at Domo. “As a long-standing leader in the business travel industry, we view ourselves as a high-tech travel management firm. As such, we offer industry-first technology that helps our customers solve their travel issues. Our partnership with Domo allows us to provide customers with new solutions that enable them to interact with and gain insights from their data in an easy, effortless manner,” said Mike Cameron, CEO at Christopherson Business Travel.

The new travel management solutions from Christopherson and Domo includes:

· Travel Leakage Analyzer:? This app allows travel managers to control and visualize “out of program” spend. Taking feeds from Christopherson’s AirPortal® and financial systems such as Concur, NetSuite, and QuickBooks, the Travel Leakage App visualizes where travel spend is in compliance, and more importantly, where it is not. Understanding where travel spend is out of policy can help travel managers change the negative trend and move towards improving
· Hotel Spend Analyzer:? This app instantly finds hotel spend or total nights in any area to
help travel managers better negotiate contracts with vendors and improve the traveler experience. Domo takes multiple data feeds and matches them together to deliver insights such as tracking Total Room Nights, Average Daily Rate, and Total Spend in any custom region. Travel managers can instantly view all travel trends and spending across the globe by vendor, and are enabled with the information they need to negotiate better rates.
· Travel Analytics?: This dashboard is a set of best-practice visualizations offered through Christopherson that help travel managers easily and intuitively connect multiple real-time travel data feeds into the Domo platform. These rapid deployment cards will make it fast and simple to put the relevant insights into the hands of travel executives and managers.

Domo transforms the way business is managed by changing the relationship people–from the CEO to the frontline worker–have with data. Enterprise customers like Christopherson Business Travel chose Domo’s cloud-based platform because it puts data directly into the hands of people across the organization, offering top-rated ease of use, delivering powerful visualizations, and enabling more effective decisions that help provide better returns and keep their organizations competitive.

Ranked as the 12th largest business travel agency in the U.S. by Business Travel News, Christopherson Business Travel is the independently-owned leader in intelligent business travel management. Christopherson specializes in travel technology innovations, such as AirPortal®, the industry’s most robust travel management platform, and a consultative approach to account management. The company operates from five full-service locations, as well as 35
client-dedicated on-site locations.

Unveiling these new travel management solutions at the 2017 GBTA Convention–the world’s largest business travel event–Christopherson and Domo will have product details and demonstrations at the show. Travel executives interested in a live demo should visit Christopherson Business Travel at Booth 1175 and Domo at Booth 1079.

The GBTA Convention will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, from July 15 through July 19. Domo is the proud sponsor of GBTA’s opening Convention Arena keynote featuring General (U.S. Army, Ret.) David H. Petraeus, taking place on Monday, July 17.

To learn more about the new travel management solutions from Christopherson Business Travel and Domo, visit:

About Christopherson Business Travel Christopherson Business Travel is a travel management company specializing in travel technology and consultative account management. As an industry innovator, Christopherson developed the first comprehensive mobile app for travel managers, AirPortal 360TM Mobile, and
continues to deliver meaningful digital solutions to clients via its robust software platform, AirPortal®. Ranked as the 12th largest business travel agency in the U.S. by Business Travel News, Christopherson operates from five full-service locations and has booked more than $600 million in travel in 2016 for more than 900 companies and organizations across the country. For more information, visit You can also follow Christopherson on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

About Domo
Domo helps all employees–from the CEO to the front-line worker–transform the way business is managed by connecting them to the right data and people they need to improve business results. Domo’s Business Cloud is the world’s first customizable platform that enables decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities in real time. The company works with the world’s leading and most progressive brands, including more than 25 percent of the Fortune 50, across multiple industries including travel and hospitality, retail, manufacturing, finance, technology and more. For more information, visit You can also follow Domo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.


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