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“COVID-19 will reinvent the travel process around safety, cleanliness, and virus transmission protection. Terms like social distancing, personal protection equipment (PPE), and antibody immunity testing are now part of our new travel vocabulary. We are up for the challenge, and we will reinvent ourselves to help you and the travelers for whom you have a duty of care responsibility.”

– Mike Cameron, CEO, Christopherson Business Travel

Cleanliness is Key to Safe Travel

Do I need to wear a mask at the Delta terminal? How crowded is United’s economy class? Is Marriott practicing social distancing? Has Hilton discontinued breakfast or housekeeping? Will National sanitize my rental car?

There is a lot of apprehension about the safety of travel during this coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, you need to know what steps travel providers are taking to keep their airline cabins, hotel rooms, and rental cars clean.

A Comprehensive Guide to Travel Vendor Cleanliness Standards

We want to help corporate travel managers make smart decisions with their business travelers. To that end, we created a COVID-19 Travel Vendor Health & Safety Guide. This in-depth resource will be updated regularly. It provides relevant information about travel vendors’ health and safety standards. You may want to bookmark this page and share it with your business travelers.

Vendor Health & Safety Measures

In the COVID-19 Travel Vendor Health & Safety Guide, you’ll find a list of the steps travel providers are taking to keep travelers healthy. The guide begins with links to major sources of pandemic safety guidelines and TSA protocols. It then moves on to measures being implemented by major airline, ground transportation, and hotel brands.

If you have questions or concerns about cleanliness and health in regards to business travel, we invite you use this guide. Doing so will allow you to review and compare vendors’ overall efforts to provide a safe travel experience.

Guide last updated: October 27, 2021

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Client Success Story: Technology Platform Migration & Enhanced Support

Christopherson values each of our client partnerships. We appreciate the opportunity we have to consult and assist corporate travel managers as they achieve their objectives and support their business travelers. We are pleased to share these stories in our new blog series of Client Success Stories. 

. . .

CHG Healthcare, a Christopherson client since 1998, provides physician, nurse, and allied health staffing for both permanent and temporary positions throughout the world. Their locum tenens model for staffing reaches over 25 million patients every year. With thousands of travelers, CHG has had to adapt to immense growth while maintaining  functionality within their travel program.   


CHG wanted to migrate to a new Global Distribution System (GDS) booking platform to accommodate their growth. 

This system migration could not negatively impact the current functionality CHG travelers experience.

The increased number of travelers being served required a higher level of support.


Christopherson assigned a project manager to oversee  the  platform  migration. The  project manager was responsible to coordinate across  departments. This  additional  support resulted in a seamless transition and rollout of the new platform.

A GDS specialist was tasked with creating scripts for CHG that were specifically tailored to the new GDS and CHG’s  requirements. These scripts were deemed by CHG and the GDS support onsite as both comprehensive and easy to navigate.  

The goal for the “go live” was to minimize stress and provide sufficient support to answer 

any questions. The Christopherson team developed a system to report bugs and issues with prompt and attentive support from advisors, advisor support, IT, and the  project manager that has delivered an exceptional level of customer service and a successful transition. 


“Our Sabre Customer Solution Specialist was extremely impressed with the scripts Christopherson created, and commented that she seldom sees conversions go as smoothly as this one did. We know this was possible because of [Christopherson’s] extreme patience with us and your attention to detail. We appreciate your whole team, there have been so many different departments collaborating to bring this together. We treasure our partnership.”

—Gordon C., Director of Travel Services, CHG Healthcare