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AirBank® Connector for MySabre Enhancements

AirBank® is one of our most successful proprietary products preserving almost $1 million dollars worth of our clients unused tickets every month. We built it – from scratch. Like most unused ticket products, it automatically catalogs your unused tickets. But it doesn’t just stop there.
After all, what good is cataloging those unused tickets if your agent or on-line booking tool isn’t reusing them? Most agencies catalog your unused tickets in a profile or a spreadsheet and then do nothing with them until they expire. Not us. We store them in a centralized database and expose them to the agents and on-line booking engines via a web service and integrated point-of-sale tools.
We recently just released an upgrade to our AirBank Connector for MySabre with a more advanced ticket display table to help your agents make informed exchange decisions and reuse your tickets more effectively.
When an agent books a reservation, and you have an unused ticket, this is what pops up! Awesome, no?

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