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AirPortal® – Traveler Communication Suite

AirPortal® Screenshot

The genesis for AirPortal® came from the banking model. It occurred to us that everyone can access their banking transactions from one simple log-in. Whether you transact your banking on-line, use the drive-up window, go inside the bank, use mail or do it with electronic transfers, you can always find all of your banking transactions in one place. Conversely, access to your travel bookings is fragmented, depending on how, when and where you booked your travel.
AirPortal® gives you the ability to view all of your historical and future itineraries and travel data in one place with one log-in.
From that starting point, AirPortal® has gone through many upgrades and enhancements and has become Christopherson Andavo Travel’s exclusive travel portal which allows the business traveler the ability to manage all their travel needs from one simple login.

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