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Annual Business Travel Review: Talk to Your Account Manager Today

annual travel business management reviewAt Christopherson Business Travel we value our partnership with our clients. So naturally, we want to review with them how the past year has gone, what has been successful (or not), and create objectives and goals for the upcoming year.

As an account manager for one of the largest travel management companies in the nation, I strive to be consultative in every way to help our clients travel programs succeed and reduce their overall travel spend. One of the best ways to strengthen your travel program is to conduct an annual review. During an annual review you can discuss with your Account Manager your spend, trends, ROI, places for improvement, as well as the objectives and goals you would like to achieve.

This is just one more benefit provided to clients of Christopherson Business Travel. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our business executives.

You can also schedule your own annual review by contacting your Christopherson Account Manager.

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