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Avoid the Flu While Business Traveling


Are you changing your business travel plans because of the flu? USA Today reports that many people are flying less this month due to the increased number of confirmed cases of the flu.

The flu has definitely become a consideration for me when I travel and I think about everything I touch or come in contact with. In an effort to be more cautious, I got a flu shot and I always carry anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with me.

Hotels have also found ways to ease decrease the risk of illness for their guests and give comfort to sick travelers. In fact, some hotels are offering chicken soup, hand sanitizer, and extra tissues.

Tips to Avoid the Flu While Traveling for Business:

  • Skip crowded elevators
  • Avoid hotel gym equipment
  • Carry mini-bottles of disinfectant spray to wipe down surfaces
  • Use the back of your hand to push elevator buttons and open doors
  • Be careful no to touch your eyes, face, or mouth after shaking hands
  • Wash hands often
  • Avoid using tray tables on airplanes or bring sanitizing wipes to disinfect them


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