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Christopherson Business Travel is an Affiliate of BCD Travel

BCD_AffiliateChristopherson Business Travel is a BCD Travel affiliate. BCD Travel operates in more than 95 countries, with $22.8 billion in total sales and a combined worldwide workforce of 11,000. (Read more about BCD, here.)

Operating throughout North America, the BCD Travel Affiliate Program is a model of innovation and excellence. A select group by design, there are more than 35 affiliates of BCD Travel in North America, with 450+ locations, totaling more than $2 billion in airline sales alone. In many regions of the U.S., the BCD affiliate is the leading independently owned TMC in the markets they represent.

Christopherson Business Travel is currently ranked as the third largest TMC amongst the BCD affiliate group and the largest TMC located west of the Mississippi.

BCD provides affiliate agencies a wealth of resources to strengthen the company and to provide clients with local presence around the world. BCD provides Christopherson with:

  1. Global footprint, clout and buying power (size)
  2. Training and sharing of industry insight (expertise)
  3. Networking and best-practices reviews (community)

BCD resources include the following buying power for our clients:

  • International Airline Programs
  • Global Hotel Program
  • Rental Car Exclusive Rates

The senior BCD leadership teams meet with us regularly and provides invaluable insight and training to our teams.

As a group, the affiliates meet regularly and act as a sounding board with each other, exchanging best-practice solutions on travel management. Personally, I have the privilege of serving on the BCD Affiliate Board of Advisors which gives me the ability to contribute to the direction of the program.

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