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Claim Your Seat- Know Your Rights

The majority of airlines offer travelers the opportunity to reserve seat assignments on flights prior to departure. With today’s automation, they also offer an opportunity to “check in “ online with 24 hours of departure. Every traveler should be sure to that seats assignments are selected on all flights and check in online. Flights are so often very full and this helps insure your reservation will be honored. When flights are full, the traveler who doesn’t have a seat assignment is the one who could be singled out to be denied a reservation. If you have a confirmed electronic ticket receipt , and have reported to the boarding gate by the appropriate boarding time, then the airlines should provide you a reservation. The Christopherson confirmation of your itinerary will provide this proof of reservation. Be sure to have a copy of it with you, either in paper or electronic form. This confirmation holds valuable information that may be required by the airline, car or hotel staff that are looking for your confirmed reservation. There are easy links to help with the advance check in online. The itinerary also will show that your membership numbers like frequent flyer membership numbers have been sent to the vendors in advance. For a smooth travel experience, be sure to know your rights and have the appropriate confirmation information for your reservations.

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