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Do I make myself Clear? Not!

Back in 2008, a new cool way to pass through security lines for frequent business travelers that do not have as much time as others was introduced at 18 selected airports. Clear, a company founded by Verified Identity Pass just announced this week that they would be closing up shop and would not be able to refund travelers who had prepaid or recently renewed their subsciption. That went over like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers!
From the article written by Thomas Frank,  a statement on Verified’s website said the company “had been unable to negotiate an agreement with its senior creditor to continue operations.” There was no information about whether enrollees would get refunds.
TSA’s express security grounded
This was supposed to be the best thing out there for those who were traveling on a constant basis and needing to avoid long lines. The fee was a little steep, (around $200 annually) but heck, I pay $50 a month for the Carpool lane on I-15. Maybe if Clear would have monitored those who enter the carpool lane illegally, then they might still be in business.
We have become a society of quickness and ease. I guess for now our best option out there until someone comes out with a better plan than that of Clear, is to fly enough miles that you can access the medallion lines or travel with someone that does have that elite status…..You could always jump the lines like the car that did in front of me today!

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