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Four Things For Summer Travel

As the summer travel season heats up and travelers encounter crowded, often oversold flights, sold out hotels, and overbooked car rental agencies, delayed flights, etc, I just wanted to remind travelers of a few basic things that will help them cope with the problems.
First, bring your patience with you when you travel.  This means rather than blowing up when the first thing goes wrong, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.   We, as a society, are almost always in a hurry to get to our destination and as such, we tend not to be patient when something delays us.  However impatience is often our enemy when something does go wrong. 
The second thing you should bring is your sense of humor.  Let’s face it, if you sit back and watch your fellow travelers, you will see a lot of funny behavior.   Also, humor can defuse a lot of potentially bad situations and turn them into something positive.
The third thing you should bring is your compassion. Have a little compassion for the employee of the travel company that you are dealing with. I promise you that the gate agent doesn’t want your flight delayed any more than you. So remember that all the passengers and the gate agent are in this mess together.
The fourth thing you should remember to bring are your manners. If there is a problem and you need help, you will get far more help when you say “Please” and “Thank You”, then if you start off yelling at the person who is going to help you. After all, you are asking for help, which implies that you need something from this person. Most folks seem less inclined to help someone who yells, curses or is abusive to them. So start out nice and polite. Being polite doesn’t mean that you have to take whatever they offer you however it does mean that you are more likely to get a helpful solution to the problem rather than a stone wall. And remember if being polite doesn’t work, you can always resort to yelling, screaming, etc. after you were the nice person. It’s much harder to go the other way.
So have fun traveling this summer and remember your travel agent is there for you.

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