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How HotelPrepayLogicTM saves you money

HotelPrepayLogicTM does more than catch incorrect billings on prepaid hotels, it prevents it!
Here’s an example chain of events and how HotelPrepayLogicTM can save you money on your prepaid hotel transactions:

  • Hotel punches in credit card number from the automatically generated fax (check out here for how the fax is generated and sent).
  • They enter in an amount over the agreed upon rate in the travel agency reservation system (the traveler can’t keep the hotel honest, he doesn’t know the rate, nor does he care in most cases – he’s the client).
  • The card is denied.
  • Hotel calls the travel department number listed on the fax (in big bold numbers on the fax – in three places).
  • Hotel explains the card is denied.
  • Travel department looks up what they tried to charge and compares to the booked GDS rate.
  • Travel department informs that the booked hotel rate in itinerary was $65 less.
  • Hotel (sheepishly) admits it was wrong and knows that it needs to charge the agreed upon amount in the future.

Before HotelPrepayLogicTM, you don’t find out until you try to reconcile your travel reports with your credit card statements. By that time you may have to write off the difference.
To see a description of what HotelPrepayLogicTM does, check out this blog entry.

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