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Innovation Begins with Asking the Right Questions

What if we could … ?

What if you could? And what would actually doing it mean for your organization going forward?

These are the kinds of questions that drive innovation and success in organizations. Asking them means you’re not satisfied with the status quo, but are instead using the natural curiosity we all had as children to figure out “what could be.”

When my youngest daughter was five or six, she asked really good questions. Dad, is the sun a big ball of fire? Dad, is the wind invisible? Dad, how does the car know where to go? This natural curiosity allows children to learn quickly, understand their environment, make good decisions, and adapt to new conditions. Sometimes as adults we lose this capacity for curiosity simply from lack of use. But it is time to start asking good questions again–questions like …

How can we make it easier for our clients to use our products and services?

How can we simplify our work processes to cut out unnecessary costs?

How can we help solve our client’s biggest challenges?

How can we build stronger partner relationships?

What under-served markets can we support?

Innovation has been the driving force of America’s success. Innovation is the solution to re-building our economy. And innovation begins with one person asking the right questions.

Start looking for opportunities in your own organization and you will find them everywhere. When you hear someone complain about something, this is your chance to simply start asking questions! With good questions you can quickly gain an understanding of the issue and spot the opportunities for innovation.

At Christopherson Business Travel we have a natural curiosity and a drive to improve the business travel experience, and we want to provide our business travel management services to our clients at the lowest possible cost. Contact us today to see some of the answers that we have come up with recently.

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