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Mexicana Airlines Is In Trouble

This past week has not been a good week for Mexicana Airlines.
First, the US government declared that Mexico no longer is a Category 1 country, in regards to their airport and airline security. This means that travelers on flights that originate or connect through Mexico have to undergo more scrunity when they arrive in the USA. In addition and this is the part that really hurts Mexicana, is that US airlines cannot code share with Mexican airlines. Mexicana was a code share partner with American Airlines which meant that many people who thought that they were booking their trips on American Airlines going to various Mexican destinations. The change in status means that people may not book the same connection as they would when they thought it was all on one airline. So that was a hit on the bottomline of Mexicana.
Then on Tuesday, Mexicana announced that a number of investors that had been looking at investing more money into the airline decided not to. The result of this action has caused Mexicana to file for bankruptcy. Inititally Mexicana said that there would be no disruption of service however as of this morning Mexicana has announced that they have stopped flying. Pending their ability to find new backing, Mexicana may not be back.
At Christopherson Travel we have been taking a proactive approach of contacting all of our clients who are booked on Mexicana and taking steps to protect them on other airlines when possible. Failing that, we’ve been working on getting the unused tickets refunded before it is too late.
If someone has booked travel on Mexicana and doesn’t have a pro-active agency working for them, they may not find out about this until after Mexicana is gone and then the only recourse will be to dispute the charge on their credit card and purchase a new ticket at whatever the price is at that point in time.
This is why I always suggest to clients, pay with a credit card, not a debit card and work with a professional travel agency.

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