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Christopherson Business Travel Saves Companies Money with AirPortal 360

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Christopherson Business Travel, the leading business travel management company in the
western United States, today launched AirPortal 360TM, a new software tool designed to drive additional savings to
customers by integrating full-service travel management with online travel tools. From real-time tracking reports to
a fully integrated dashboard, AirPortal 360 allows companies to capture and analyze all company travel data to make
the most informed travel purchase decisions.

“Every company is looking for better ways to save money on business travel,” said Mike Cameron, Christopherson
Business Travel president. “AirPortal 360 is innovative technology because it allows the travel manager to implement
a host of services designed to make better travel decisions despite the complexities of their organizational needs and
today’s travel offerings.

“For example, one new feature we’ve added to AirBank®, a tool available in the AirPortal 360 dashboard, is an alert
system that notifies a company’s travel manager when unused airline tickets are nearing expiration dates. This allows
the manager to utilize those tickets and prevent a financial loss. In testing, we’ve found that companies in today’s
economic climate love this enhanced feature.”

AirPortal 360 also provides highly customizable real-time data, which fully integrates a company’s travel policy
simultaneously with the travel agents and online tools to filter preferences with online airline or hotel offerings. That
feature alone provides customers with pricing advantages not found in traditional purchase methods.

“By dealing with your travel management and expenses in a smarter fashion, companies can realize significant
savings,” Cameron said. “Using AirPortal 360 is like employing an extra team to find efficiencies and savings at your
company, but they’re not on your payroll.”

Other AirPortal 360 features include:
• Preferred vendor contracts fully integrated with the company travel policy
• Airtineraries®, intelligent itineraries that integrate a company’s travel policy summary to ensure compliance
• ValueLogic®, real-time data to measure the ROI on a company’s partnership with Christopherson
• AirBank®, an unused airline ticket management tool that tracks and enforces the reuse of those tickets
• Fully integrated travel spend reporting
• SecurityLogic®, with maps, alerts, and reports of travel risks to facilitate a company’s Duty of Care responsibilities
• Centralized access to all company travel data at detailed levels for travel managers; and
• Instant integration of updated travel policies for cost savings.

JANUARY 07, 2013
Media Contact: Krista Maurer

About Christopherson Business Travel
Christopherson Business Travel, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is the independently owned leader in business
travel management, online travel tools, and business travel resources. As the twelfth largest business travel agency in
the United States, with 250 team members and 35 offices, the company supports more than $340 million in annual
travel bookings. Christopherson provides intelligent travel management to more than 900 successful companies and
is an affiliate of BCD Travel, the leading provider of global travel logistics. BCD operates in 95 countries with $20.8
billion in annual travel management bookings and a combined worldwide workforce in excess of 11,000. To learn
more about Christopherson Business Travel, visit


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