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Preferred Hotel Contracts: Theirs, Ours, AND Yours!

Theirs –  Christopherson Business Travel is an affiliate of BCD Travel the third largest travel management company in the world.  By participating in their affiliate program we are provided with additional benefits and opportunities to enhance your travel program.  The BCD Hotel Program is one of those benefits.  Hotels participating in the BCD Hotel Program are obligated to offer the BCD rate code at parity (equal to or less than any other travel management group or channel).  Over 93 percent of the hotels participating in the BCD Hotel Program offer BAR (Best Available Rate) pricing, with a small percentage of the hotel chains offering an additional five to ten percent discount off BAR.  With over 29,500 BCD participating hotels in 155 countries, Christopherson Business Travel has you covered!
Ours – Christopherson Business Travel’s local negotiated hotel rates are among the best in the industry.  Since we are headquarted in Salt Lake City we have over sixteen negotiated hotel rates in the Salt Lake area that we offer clients that don’t have the room night requirements to acquire preferred rates on their own.  Hotels participating in the Christopherson hotel program offer lower rates, usually 20% to 40% off the lowest advertised corporate rate, guaranteed quality enhanced with amenities such as parking, breakfast, internet, a delicious in room amenity made up especially for Christopherson travelers, double hotel points and double airline mileage points all at no additional cost to you!  We are excited to announce that similar hotel rates and benefits are being negotiated by our offices in Denver and California.
Yours –  As part of travel management, it is our responsibility that your bottom line reflects the greatest savings possible.  If the number of room nights booked by your company presents the opportunity to negotiate an individual hotel contract for you, our account management team will go in with vim and vigor to obtain the best deal possible based on commitment level.  As savvy negotiators our approach is one of aggression without being over the top.  We will get you the best rate loaded with as many amenities that we possibly can.  Locking in these rates for two or more years is also an added feature that we negotiate.  When the economy turns around you will still be getting the benefits of your low negotiated rate.
KEEP IN MIND – All three of these options can be used at any time.  We present the value, you pick the option, and the “rest”  is up to you.   Sweet Dreams!

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