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Mike Cameron Interviewed by Utah Business

The president/owner of Christopherson Business Travel, Mike Cameron, was recently interviewed by Utah Business.  They asked him questions to recap 2010 and forecast 2011.  One question and answer sample:
What are the challenges on the horizon and how will you turn those into opportunities for you and your business?

The number one challenge which we have faced, as a travel management company, is competition from the Internet. This competition has been and will continue to be good for us. We’ve had to reevaluate everything we do to make sure that we have a unique competitive advantage which can’t be duplicated on the Internet. This competitive pressure has raised that bar for us and we have responded in a way that allowed us to gain significant market share in the state of Utah.
One example of our “unique value proposition” strategy was to start a travel software development division. We have created 11 proprietary travel technologies which save our clients money and make their travel better, at the same time.
When my wife and I bought the company in 1990 we were issuing $10,000.00 in airline tickets each week. We now issue $10,000.00 in airline tickets every 8 minutes. Competition has been good for us!
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