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The Do’s and Don’ts of Reclining Your Airplane Seats

With the recent media coverage of in-flight incidents stemming from the use of Knee Defender devices, flight attendant Heather Poole offered some suggestions on ABC News for reclining your seat:

Go Slow

If you’re going to recline your seat, do so slowly, yanking the seat back too quickly could make a mess if the person behind you has their tray table down.

Do Glance Back

Consider glancing back before you adjust your seat. It’s not necessary to ask permission to recline, although some people do. It is a nice gesture to at least alert the person behind you that you’re going to lean back.

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Christopherson Business Travel Ranks #12 in the 2012 BTN Annual Business Travel Survey

Business Travel News (BTN) recently ranked Christopherson at #12 among all participating travel management companies nationwide.

We are pleased to receive this important recognition. Further analysis of the data reveals that Christopherson Business Travel was ranked as:
•    #1 among the travel management companies headquartered in the Western United States
•    #2 among the participating BCD Travel affiliates (our business travel affiliation)
•    #3 among the travel management companies using the Travelport GDS (our computer reservation system)
•    #5 among the participating Virtuoso travel agencies (our luxury travel affiliation)

Click here to see the full report.






*BTN invites travel management companies who book more than half their sales for business travel through the Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) to release ARC data for their respective companies. This insures that the rankings are valid and independently verified by actual booking data.