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Cut Business Travel Costs & Manage Unused Airline Tickets with AirBank®

Cut costs and eliminate waste with AirBank®, Christopherson Business Travel’s comprehensive airline ticket tracking tool. Close to 10% of all business tickets go unused, making it difficult for corporations to manage their unused tickets. AirBank tracks the entire lifecycle of a ticket and automates the process of unused ticket management, whether you book online or through a travel advisor.

AirBank comprehensively manages your unused tickets in the following ways:

  • Audits tickets to confirm whether they were used for travel and to determine any unused value
  • Automatically captures your unused tickets in a centralized database to prevent their loss
  • Continuously updates status of unused tickets
  • Reports all unused tickets
  • Enforces the use of unused tickets

Unused ticket credits, including valid partial credits, are available in AirBank at the time of cancellation. Corporate travel managers are able to see all unused tickets within their company via their customized AirPortal 360™ dashboard. Travelers can also see their own unused tickets via their My Travel dashboard, allowing them to be an active participant in the reuse of those funds. With the AirBank widget, travel managers can also drill down from a company-wide view of all unused tickets to single transactions for greater detail.

To ensure the re-use of unused tickets, AirBank will prompt your full-service agents at point-of-sale requiring them to use the ticket, or to document the reason a ticket was not used. AirBank is also directly integrated with the online booking tools to prompt travelers who book their own tickets.

*AirBank is one of the many business travel tools Christopherson provides through our integrated technology platform, AirPortal®. To learn more about AirPortal, AirBank, and how Christopherson can save your company time and money on business travel, please contact one of our representatives.

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Christopherson to Release New Business Travel Technology January 7

AirPortal 360 Dashboard for business travel management

In the coming New Year, on Monday, January 7, Christopherson Business Travel will be launching our enhanced and newly redesigned AirPortal® technology platform. Our development team has completely rebuilt our platform from the ground up in order to provide greater ease, convenience, and cost-savings to our clients.

Three of the guiding principles of this redesign have been to increase the sophistication, dependability, and visibility of our products and services. In keeping with these objectives we are giving our clients more access to information than ever before. Of course, with this increased visibility comes increased accountability, which we look forward to providing.

Now for some details…

Branding Changes Include:

  • Re-naming our entire business travel technology platform AirPortal®
  • Designing a brand new look and feel to our company website,
  • Retiring the TravelAccumen® brand/product and replacing it with AirPortal 360™, our new, fully-customizable Travel Manager Dashboard
  • Creating AdvisorCare®, a newly developed dashboard for travel advisors which provides timely, actionable information right to their fingertips

Core Product Improvements within AirPortal® Include:

  • SecurityLogic® – multiple map overlays and views, simple search, plus alerts and notifications
  • AirBank® – tracking of tickets from inception, greater visibility, and a complete audit trail of all transactions and activity
  • Airtineraries®Redesigned format with ‘trip at a glance’ and integrated travel policy summary
  • ProfileLogic®Expanded to include organization by departments and teams
  • Tech Help Desk Robust ticket tracking, automated assignment, and analytics

But it doesn’t stop there, we’ve also added new functionality:

  • PolicyLogic®new product that includes travel policy design and vendor contract management, with travel policy integration and compliance coming in 2013
  • Consultative Services new product that integrates account management client-dedicated time directly into the AirPortal® platform, providing increased management and client visibility
  • Widgets – a variety of new interactive widgets that allow the user to drill in from a high level view all the way down to the transaction level.  New widgets include: AirBank®, Travel Spend, ValueLogic®, Consultative Services, Expiring Tickets, and Savings per Itinerary.

Hopefully you can see why we are excited to launch our new AirPortal®. More detailed information about these updates, enhancements, and new products will be released in the coming weeks.

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AirBank® Connector for MySabre Enhancements

AirBank® is one of our most successful proprietary products preserving almost $1 million dollars worth of our clients unused tickets every month. We built it – from scratch. Like most unused ticket products, it automatically catalogs your unused tickets. But it doesn’t just stop there.
After all, what good is cataloging those unused tickets if your agent or on-line booking tool isn’t reusing them? Most agencies catalog your unused tickets in a profile or a spreadsheet and then do nothing with them until they expire. Not us. We store them in a centralized database and expose them to the agents and on-line booking engines via a web service and integrated point-of-sale tools.
We recently just released an upgrade to our AirBank Connector for MySabre with a more advanced ticket display table to help your agents make informed exchange decisions and reuse your tickets more effectively.
When an agent books a reservation, and you have an unused ticket, this is what pops up! Awesome, no?

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Expense report assistance and other things.

It’s the end of the month and it’s time to get that expense report completed. You’re sitting there in your home office going through your receipts and you realize that you don’t have a copy of your itinerary from your last trip. You look at your clock and you realize that it is too late to call your travel agent to get it. You desperately go through your old emails trying to find it, alas, it’s not there. Now how do you file your expense report without it?
If you have ever experienced this frustratation I have a solution for you. Christopherson Business Travel’s AirPortal product has a number of features that make it very useful to the business traveler. One of the features is that you can access and print out all of your current and past dated itineraries, thus allowing you to track all of your travel.
Other features include the ability to see what unused or partially used tickets via AirBank, you have outstanding and what their original value was. This allows travelers to insure that they don’t miss out on utilizing the value of any unused tickets.
For a demo of what AirPortal can do for you, go to: and click the link for the AirPortal Demo.