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What will my flight really cost?

Links to airline baggage and meal fees
Since airlines began offering a la carte pricing for everything from checked baggage to in-flight meals, calculating the true cost of a trip has become decidedly more complicated. With no industry standard for the pricing of checked baggage and meals, the cost for these services varies widely – not only from one airline to the next, but from route to route and class to class.
Moreover, ancillary fees seem to be in a constant state of fluctuation. A traveler paying US$25 to check a first bag on one trip may find the fee has increased the next time he travels on that same route.
To assist travel managers and their travelers in sorting through the complicated pricing of meals and checked baggage, BCD Travel, which Christopherson Travel is their largest affiliate, has put together a comprehensive list of links to pages on individual carrier Web sites housing information on those services.
Please click here to view links to online information about in-flight meals and checked luggage for specific carriers or go to:
BCD Travel: Airline Baggage Fees PDF
Please feel free to contact your Christopherson Account Manager or ask your travel counselor for additional information.