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How Christopherson’s tool AirSelect can help you on your next business trip

AirSelect is one of Christopherson’s proprietary technology tools, and is quite helpful in planning any business trip.

As a regular business traveler, I normally only book my trip only for the “necessary” duration. But on a recent trip to Denver, I had the opportunity to enjoy dinner in a quaint part of town that I had not been to previously, and the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should have extended my trip to include a “fun day” to explore the area.

Hindsight being 20/20, what I should have done was ask my Christopherson Business Travel agent for an AirSelect® email so I could’ve viewed all the flight options for various days. AirSelect is one of Christopherson’s proprietary technology tools and provides business travelers with a simple, straightforward grid of options showing the lowest fare based on scheduled departure and arrival times.

For more information on AirSelect and other proprietary tools Christopherson offers, please contact one of our executives.



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AirSelect® – Marries personalized agent service with the efficiencies of online

Christopherson’s AirSelect® Flight Options Matrix was created by our in-house IT developers specifically in response to meet the needs of one of our top corporate booking agents, John Thomson.
John had his larynx removed as a result of throat cancer. We were all devastated. As a company we made a commitment to him, to find a way to protect his career. Because of this commitment, we needed to find a way for him to communicate travel options to his clients in an efficient manner. Our technology team created this technology, specifically for John. Something magical happened; John’s productivity increased. His clients loved the visual options and they were able to keep his personal service and expertise! Oh, and John was able to keep his job.
We created this solution because it was the right thing to do. It worked so well, we improved it, we branded it and we recently receive trademark approval from the U.S. Patent Office! We now make  it available to all of our full service clients.
PS: John is now the operations manager of our Salt Lake City business travel reservation center!

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Contracted rates in AirSelect®

We all know how much value a dedicated travel agent can bring to your company’s travel program. But have you ever tried to get a comprehensive list of flight options over the phone? It takes a lot of time and isn’t very practical.
That’s why we developed AirSelect®. It allows the best of both worlds – a full service agent and flight pricing matrices that make it easy to choose your flights.
Recently we added support for any and all contracted rates – corporate, state, and federal government.
We have two different views, one that is more price centric (and more familiar to those who use some of the on-line leisure sites) and one that is more schedule based.