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Dreamliner Investigation May Take Months to Find Solution


We have written posts in the past about the Boeing Dreamliner. It really is a spectacular piece of machinery that defies gravity with its massive frame and the ability to transport hundreds of travelers with a grand-scale kind of luxury never experienced in the skies.

In fact, some of our Christopherson Business Travel employees were able to tour the inside of this fabulous bird while it was housed in Denver. “This is incredible!”, “What a remarkable feat!”, and “My dream is to fly on this some day!”, were some of the comments heard around the hanger that day.

But wait … what happened to this opulent flying maching that so many of us had hoped to be a passenger on?

Based on recent news and reports, experts appear to still be stumped over the burning batteries that caused the dangerous mishaps on-board the Dreamliners. Investigators are working hard to find the problems and their solutions, and unfortunately, the delay–that was supposed to have been only a few days–may turn into weeks, or even months.

The National Transportation Safety Board has said its experts found short circuits and evidence of uncontrolled overheating inside the fire-ravaged battery of one Dreamliner. But what they still can’t decipher is cause and effect.

But hopefully soon, the problem will be identified and the Dreamliner will again soar through the skies, succeed against all odds, and thrill us as never before.

To learn the latest about the Dreamliner investigation, the Wall Street Journal recently published a comprehensive article about the current situation here.