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Peloton Bikes Available In Room At Westin Hotels

I’ve always been one to exercise while traveling for business.  My stress level is higher than normal and needs to be under control when business is the mindset.  So when I read the USAToday article about Peloton exercise bikes being made available in some Westin Hotels, I was so EXCITED!!

Peloton Bikes come to individual hotel rooms

Guests are now able to choose a hotel room with a Peloton bike as a “room category” for their stay. Currently, this is only available in select cities including; Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles and Boston. They will have access to 5,000 on-demand classes taught by instructors through the bike. But these Peloton options are growing fast. In other locations like Austin, Detroit, Denver, New York City, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle, the Peloton bikes will be available in hotel’s fitness studios.

Business travelers looking for more exercise options

As it turns out, I’m not the only one exercising while on the road. A recent study found that 65% of travelers say they exercise less while on the road. Though they do try — 83% said they factor in wellness programs into their travel planning. As Millennials begin to travel more, they are also pushing for more exercise options. Nearly 40% of Millennials traveling planned to cycle while on the road. Easy access to Peloton bikes appears to be a no-brainer for the future of hotel amenities.

High-scale exercise options to hotel guests are the new rage. Hotels around the world are teaming up with the hottest and trendiest studios.  Boot camps, spin classes, hula swimming, and personal training sessions are popping up across the globe. Could this be the latest in hotel networking and mingle hours provided by hotels?

Perhaps gone are the days of getting up before dawn to claim a treadmill or elliptical machine alongside other stressed-out travelers. With an in-room bike or scheduled class, exercise can take place at a more reasonable hour with more fun.

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Airport Fitness

At the start of the year, WebMD reported that 50% of Americans exercise regularly, so it is no wonder U.S. airports have started recognizing the desire for fitness options while traveling. In fact, Travel Weekly reported that travelers stuck with long layovers can now enjoy many healthy alternatives to indulging in junk food or impulse shopping.

For example, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has a fitness trail offering a two-mile indoor trail with seven water bottle-filling stations. The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport also has a walking path, DFW LiveWell Walking Path, measuring seven-tenths of a mile and features two optional step courses in the form of 55-foot-hight staircases. Other airports that are providing fitness options in their terminals include Boston’s Logan Airport with their walking paths and health stations and the Indianapolis Regional Airport which provides mileage markers in the airport corridors.

Although walking is practically unavoidable in most airports, the introduction of fitness as an amenity is likely to bring an even greater awareness and encourage travelers to consider more health-conscious options while on-the-go.

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Don’t Let Business Travel Derail Your Fitness Goals

As we quickly approach the fifth month of yet another year in which many of us are working toward fitness goals, some of us might be getting a little lackadaisical in our commitment.

Sometimes we would love nothing more than an excuse to skip a workout or enjoy a “cheat meal,” but the truth is, once we take that plunge, it can be harder to get back to where we were. Of course, there is nothing unhealthy about having a day of rest here and there, but next time your boss sends you on a week-long business trip, don’t let yourself off the hook! There are more than enough outlets for you to stick to your fitness plan and goals.

Utilize Hotel Fitness Facilities

Try to book a hotel with a fitness room. Many hotels are currently upgrading their equipment to accommodate the increasing number of health-conscious travelers. If your hotel doesn’t offer a fitness room, why not do a Google search to see if your home gym has a location near your hotel?

Also, don’t let the lack of free weights in hotel fitness facilities deter you. If your hotel has a pool, take advantage of water exercise! Pool workouts are a great way to build cardiac endurance and work on strength training without the impact on your muscles and joints.

Bring the Gym With You

Let’s not forget all the wonderful little gadgets and gizmos that allow us to take fitness virtually anywhere. From resistance bands and jump ropes to inflatable weights and yoga mats, you could easily fit an entire workout in your carry-on!

Also, chances are you have some sort of “smart” device. Check out the “Health & Fitness” category in your App Store. It’s loaded with 200 free applications you can store right on your phone or tablet to aid in smart eating and daily workouts.

Overall, don’t let yourself take the “easy road” while “on the road.” Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. It will help you keep stress at bay and achieve your personal goals.