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Airtinerary®: Intelligent Itineraries for the Business Traveler

Christopherson Business Travel makes managing travel plans seamless with Airtinerary®, a state-of-the-art tool that provides intelligent itineraries to your business travelers. With its intuitive, easy-to-read format, Airtinerary offers detailed trip information, includes links for online check-in, and provides directions and maps for hotel and car rental locations.

Airtinerary also includes universal calendar and TripIt mobile app integration as well as access to your company’s travel policy to ensure traveler compliance.

Key Features of Airtinerary:
•    Relevant trip data in easy-to-read format
•    Universal calendar and TripIt integration
•    Links for online check-in
•    Directions and maps for hotel and car rental locations
•    Access to travel policy

*Airtinerary is just one of the many business travel tools Christopherson provides through our integrated technology platform, AirPortal®. To learn more about AirPortal, Airtinerary, and how Christopherson can save your company time and money on business travel, please contact one of our representatives.