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The Hotel Attachment Problem

Hotel Attachment
Hotel Attachment, Christopherson’s new hotel compliance system, assists travel managers in fulfilling duty of care responsibilities and commitments to contracted vendors.

The Beat’s Editor-in-Chief, Jay Boehmer, recently reported on Christopherson Business Travel’s new hotel compliance system, Hotel Attachment. The article and its title, “Christopherson Thinks It Has Solved The Hotel Attachment Problem,” were bold and certainly provocative. I’m not surprised that some responses were somewhere between curious and even incredulous.

Our view is that a low hotel attachment rate is not a simple problem to solve. There are many complex reasons as to why hotel attachment rates are low. Christopherson decided to take a holistic approach to the solving the problem.

At a high-level, there are likely four main reasons a client would book airfare but not book a hotel at the same time:

  1. They need a hotel and simply haven’t gotten around to booking it yet.
  2. They need a hotel and don’t have enough information about their trip to book it yet.
  3. They plan to book their hotel through a different channel, or it was booked for them.
  4. They actually don’t need a hotel.

Of course, there are many nuances within those four categories. For example, under reason No. 3, the traveler may have booked their room “out of channel” because:

  • They were part of a group who booked the hotel room block separately.
  • They’re attending a conference or a meeting that included the hotel booking.
  • They were not able to get the hotel inventory through the GDS-powered booking option.
  • They were able to get a lower price using a different booking method.
  • They have a personal preference for booking their own hotel (better user experience).

But ultimately, it’s not good for a traveler to have an incomplete itinerary with no hotel data included. Our goal was to first, identify which of the four reasons a traveler didn’t book a hotel and then provide them with a simple, digital path to help them easily complete their itinerary and solve the problem. Our technology platform, AirPortal®, supports and powers the Hotel Attachment system and provides us with enough unique information about the traveler, the company they work for, and their specific airline booking to simplify that process.

As clients begin to use our solution, we will be able to track why travelers haven’t booked their hotel initially and gather data on how we solved the problem. This will give our travel managers business intelligence metrics to increase their hotel attachment rates, provide better duty of care, and give them better negotiating power with their preferred vendors.

Our solution is much more than a marketing email.

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Christopherson’s Newly Acquired All Seasons Travel Undergoes Rebranding

Christopherson Business Travel purchased All Seasons Travel in December of last year. As we continue to integrate our new Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama offices into our organization, we will be rebranding the Alabama operations into three separate divisions:

1. Christopherson Business Travel

CBT_SmallThe Alabama business travel team members will all operate under our Christopherson Business Travel brand, with Jeanine Eissler as the manager of the Southeast region. We have already won $20 Million in new business travel contracts in the Southeast, all of which is in the process of being implemented into our Alabama offices.

2. Andavo Travel

Andavo Logo_335x60The leisure travel agents and independent contractors will operate under our Andavo Travel brand (which specializes in luxury travel and hosted agent travel), with Meredith Price as the operations manager of the Southeast region. Our Alabama offices will also be part of Andavo’s world-class luxury travel consortium, Virtuoso.

3. All Seasons Sports Travel

AllSeasonsSportsTravel_Logo-v2All Seasons Sports Travel is a newly created division and will primarily focus on the fan-based collegiate sports travel that All Seasons has done so well for so many years. Ellen Ray has been named manager of this division. Click here to see the new website,


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Business Travel News Publishes 2014 Corporate Travel Index

When creating travel policy applications for companies, we use several sources to benchmark rates and per diems in order to create a policy that will be valuable and used.

Business Travel News just released their Corporate Travel Index for 2014.  It puts emphasis on the daily cost of doing business in 200 cities world wide.  This information will help you when creating your travel policy and deciding per deims for cities around the world. Here is a sample, taken from the Index, of what the daily costs of business travel is in various cities:

1- San Francisco: Hotel – $275.06, Car – $52.83, Food – $116.75 = Total – $444.66/day, Change 0.6%*

2- New York: Hotel – $244.24, Car – $78.83, Food – $119.52 = Total – $442.68/day, Change -4.8%*

3- Boston: Hotel – $255.90, Car – $51.70, Food – $105.43 = Total – $413.03/day, Change -3.5%*

4- Washington D.C.: Hotel – $249.36, Car – $44.69, Food – $104.93 = Total – $398.98/day, Change -1.1%*

5- Los Angeles: Hotel – $249.24, Car – $48.13, Food – $96.56 = Total – $393.93/day, Change  -1.1%*

17- Denver: Hotel – $194.50, Car – $50.41, Food – $84.69 = Total – $329.60/day, Change 5.7%*

20- Minneapolis: Hotel – $181.62, Car – $51.79, Food – $93.75 = Total – $326.76/day, Change 0.8%*

30- Las Vegas: Hotel – $156.03, Car – $48.97, Food – $97.09 = Total – $302.09/day, Change 4.5%*

55- Birmingham: Hotel – $143.34, Car – $48.70, Food – $84.95 = Total – $276.99/day, Change 2.2%*

58- Salt Lake City: Hotel – $138.32, Car – $52.12, Food – $84.58 = Total – $275.02/day, Change 1.9%*

100- Shreveport: Hotel – $113.00, Car – $41.47, Food – $78.73 = Total – $233.20/day, Change -1.8%*

Most expensive international cities (hotel and food):

1- Caracas: Total $611/day, Change 28.0%*

2- Geneva: $547/day, Change 1.5%*

3- Stockholm: $528/day, Change 2.7%*

4- Stavanger: $524/day, Change 1.5%*

5- Hong Kong: $523/day, Change 0.1%*

30- Osaka-Kobe: $414/day, Change -16.3%*

40- Athens: $384/day, Change 3.3%*

50- Calgary: $356/day, Change -0.8%*

100- Cape Town: $195/day, Change -11.0%

Most expensive U.S. city for food is Honolulu at $128/day.  Least expensive? Oklahoma City at $69.53/day.

Are you having trouble creating a travel policy or would you like ideas and suggestions on how to better manage your policy? Please contact a Christopherson Account Manager.  We are here to help make your travel program the best it can be.

*Year over year change.

The 2014 edition of the Business Travel News Corporate Travel Index is based on actual prices paid in 2013 by corporate clients of BCD Travel, provided to BTN by BCD’s Advito consulting arm, as well as research conducted by the BTN Group and Chicago based consulting firm Mercer Inc., a subsidiary of Marsh and McLennan Cos. Christopherson Business Travel is an affiliate of BCD Travel.

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Christopherson is Ranked #11 by Business Travel News

Christopherson Business Travel is now the 11th largest business travel agency in the country.

We are pleased to announce that Christopherson Business Travel was recently ranked the 11th largest business travel agency in the United States by Business Travel News.

Rankings are based upon audited results of annual transaction and sales volume data provided by the Airline Reporting Corporation. Results were announced in the 2013 Business Travel Survey issue of Business Travel News’ monthly magazine.

Christopherson has a long legacy of growth, innovation, and client retention which has guided the agency from its #14 spot in 2011 to its current position, #11, in the 2013 report.

Particularly notable is Christopherson’s growth over the last six years. Since 2007, the company has more than doubled in size, having grown from a $160 million company in 2007 to a $341 million company in 2012.

Currently, Christopherson operates from three full-service locations (Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California) as well as 35-client dedicated on-site locations, maintains a successful leisure travel division (Andavo Travel), employs more than 250 travel professionals and, as previously stated, booked $341 million in travel in 2012 for more than 900 companies and organizations across the country.