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Cruising is the ultimate way to celebrate special occassions and spend time with family and friends.  I just returned from a Southern Caribbean Cruise to celebrate my daughters graduation from the University of Utah.  It was amazing how many family members and friends want to travel with people they know and love.  There are many advantages in traveling as a group.  Here are a few:

  1. You can block staterooms which allow you time to get the word out and build excitement.
  2. You will earn free berths.  One for every 15 paying passengers, and sometimes as low as 10 paying.
  3. Your group will get certain amenities.  Such as; on board credit, complimentary wine, private gatherings, photos, meeting rooms, etc.  The choices vary depending on size of group, sailing date, length of cruise, etc.
  4. Priority dining.
  5. Special assigned group coordinator on the ship to assist you with on board arrangements or special ship tours.
  6. Groups can arrange unique and private shore excursions for a better value than the tours offered by the cruise lines.
  7. Best of all, the chance to sail together and build lasting memories.

Below is a beautiful pictures of our groups favorite island, St. Lucia, where we enjoyed a private full day tour of the island.  I also arranged a private catamarran sail from Tortola to Virgin Gorda, stoppin at “The Baths” to snorkle along with other beautiful snorkle stops and guided tours.  It was enjoyed immensely.

So lets get your family vacation planned.  Call us to arrange your next Family/friends cruise and we will provide you with all the details and handle all the booking process.