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The Perfect Holiday Gift

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Running out of time and short of great ideas? Most likely, you would have to think a while to remember what gifts you received last year. This year, consider the gift of travel. That’s one gift that won’t be forgotten!
The vacation division of Christopherson Business Travel is called Andavo Travel, and our Andavo consultants can suggest a number of great destinations for a wonderful getaway. You might consider a weekend getaway to look forward to during the winter months ahead. Or maybe it is time to plan a cruise. If you can’t decide, you can give a gift certificate for travel and do the planning later.
Contact an Andavo Travel specialist by calling 866-327-7600 or emailing  Happy holidays!

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10 Helpful Tips for Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is upon us…. These tips should help alleviate some stress during this hectic time of year.  Follow these tips and you will only need to stress about your waistline!

  1. Pack light. If possible, use a carry-on only. Be sure to check your airlines’ website for updates on what items are permissible on board.
  2. 24 hours prior to departure, print boarding passes and check your bags in online.  This should expedite your wait times at the counter.
  3. If you are traveling with gifts, consider sending them to your destination ahead of time. Most airlines require gifts to be unwrapped and their bulk is likely to slow you down.
  4. Select your travel dates wisely. The days before and after the holidays, are usually the most expensive days to travel. Often, the holiday itself is the best day to travel.
  5. Consider using public transportation and shuttle services as your mode of transportation to the airport. Airport parking lots fill quickly during the holidays and no one wants to come and have to dig a car out of the snow.
  6. Consider flying into a smaller or regional airport. Often, these airports are less crowded and you may be able to save money.
  7. Try to take a morning flight. Flights earlier in the day are less likely to be delayed. Non-stop flights are less likely to be delayed due to bad weather or air traffic congestion.
  8. Check in early.  Airports are the busiest during the holidays.
  9. Buy travelers insurance. How many flights have you seen canceled during a season’s rush? If you don’t wish to be one of those people who find themselves stuck in an airport for three days waiting for a blizzard to blow over, then purchase insurance.
  10. Familiarize yourself with TSA rules and procedures (