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Laptop Totes – No More Choosing Between Your Purse and Your Laptop Bag, Ladies!

Post-9/11 TSA regulations have forced us to economize. Gone are the days when you could board an airplane with a Big Gulp of Diet Coke in one hand and your roller bag in the other, while simultaneously juggling both your purse & your brief case. As we all know too well, TSA has completely nixed the Big Gulp and requires us to choose two of the latter three. And options are limited because the roller bag has to be carried (or rolled) on, otherwise you’re charged $50 each way to check the bag.
So ladies, how do we choose between our purse and our briefcase? If we opt for just the briefcase, we’re faced with the predicament of how to carry our wallet, cellphone, and lipstick to a restaurant for dinner. If we choose the purse, it means we have to put all our business documents, and our laptop, in the roller bag which then ends up then being stored in the overhead bin.
The answer? Laptop totes.
Retailers like eBags, and BagKing have incredibly stylish and functional totes that serve as both a purse and a laptop bag. These totes keep your laptop protected and your mobile office essentials fashionably organized, while also providing the space to keep your purse items within reach. Just make sure your new bag has the following features/qualities:

  • Be certain that it will fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Make sure it fully zips closed, just in case it were to tip over.
  • Look for removable computer protection. This way, you can remove your laptop and use your tote as a purse for evenings out.
  • Check to see if the handles on your tote coordinate with the handle on your roller bag as you might want to balance your new tote on top of your suitcase while trekking through the airport.

With these new bags, in all their styles and colors, you’ll definitely be the envy of the office & your fellow airline passengers. Plus, you’re easily minimizing your packing situation!

Travel Management

Tips to Control Corporate Travel Expenses

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), many businesses point to travel expenses as one of their biggest budget items. The following are some relatively easy steps corporations can take today to keep travel expenses lower and under control.
1) Consolidate your corporate travel program with a single travel management company (TMC). The TMC can assist with negotiating discounts for air, car rentals and hotels. This will result in a more effective and professional travel solution for your organization, and help realize cost savings while maximizing return on your travel spend.
2) Implement a travel policy which defines parameters for travel authorization and transportation usage. Install proper controls to ensure your dollars are not being wasted and that travel policies are being followed. The policy should also address spend limits and expense reimbursement procedures.
3) Assign a travel coordinator within your organization to handle all travel arrangement with the TMC. This individual should be familiar with the corporate travel policy, negotiated arrangements, opportunities for cost savings and service improvements.
4) Keep track of your organization’s travel patterns and expenditures. Data collection is perhaps one of the most important elements to monitor travel expenses and manage unused tickets.
Christopherson Business Travel welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions about the unique benefits we can bring to your organization as your intelligent business travel partner.