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When Storms Brew, Business Travel Agents Rock

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On a recent business trip to Denver I was once again reminded of the value of using a corporate travel agency and their secret weapon–the travel agent.

As we boarded the plane in Denver, I was concerned that we wouldn’t be going anywhere fast due to rough weather in the area. However, the only thing that happened fast was being de-boarded–oddly enough, for mechanical problems and not the weather.

The line formed quickly at the service counter only for travelers to learn that the next (and last) two flights to Salt Lake City were sold out. But all I had to do was call my favorite business travel agent who was able to confirm me a seat on a different airline within minutes.

Christopherson Business Travel has not only the best “secret (travel agent) weapons,” but they also have a tool kit full of travel technology that will service you and your business travelers through all your travel needs–whether it’s Mother Nature throwing a punch, mechanical problems, or simply a need for better managed travel.