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Expense report assistance and other things.

It’s the end of the month and it’s time to get that expense report completed. You’re sitting there in your home office going through your receipts and you realize that you don’t have a copy of your itinerary from your last trip. You look at your clock and you realize that it is too late to call your travel agent to get it. You desperately go through your old emails trying to find it, alas, it’s not there. Now how do you file your expense report without it?
If you have ever experienced this frustratation I have a solution for you. Christopherson Business Travel’s AirPortal product has a number of features that make it very useful to the business traveler. One of the features is that you can access and print out all of your current and past dated itineraries, thus allowing you to track all of your travel.
Other features include the ability to see what unused or partially used tickets via AirBank, you have outstanding and what their original value was. This allows travelers to insure that they don’t miss out on utilizing the value of any unused tickets.
For a demo of what AirPortal can do for you, go to: and click the link for the AirPortal Demo.