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Flying First-Class – Worth the Extra Cost?

As a frequent business traveler, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by airline upgrades before. But recently, flying from Denver to Seattle, I received a complimentary round-trip upgrade to First Class!  Having never flown premium before, I was excited to take advantage of the opportunity.  Along with the comfy seat at the front of the plane, I didn’t realize first class came with additional perks before you even enter the plane.

Surprising First Class inclusions:

  • Pre-flight: priority counter access at check-in; increased baggage allowance; priority baggage tagging; premium line access through TSA security; and priority boarding.
  • Flight: blanket/pillow/bottle of water waiting at your seat; dedicated overhead bin space; in-seat power outlet and increased seat recline; attentive service from a cabin-specific attendant; drinks in real glassware (alcoholic and non-alcoholic); meal and snack selection.
  • Post-flight: ability to get off of the plane first; priority baggage claim delivery.

Since I did not have to pay extra for the upgrade, its tough to say whether or not its worth the extra cost. What I will say is that the increased seat comfort, extra overall space/legroom, and additional attention from airline staff certainly reduced my usual travel fatigue.  When I arrived at both my destinations, I felt stress-free and energetic!  It’s the type of feeling that I certainly wouldn’t mind enjoying again on a long international flight!  In fact, if the airlines are reading this blog, please know that I would gladly enjoy a complimentary opportunity on any future flight!

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5 Ways to Get a Flight Upgrade on Your Next Business Trip

Try these five tips for getting a free flight upgrade.
Try these five tips for getting a free flight upgrade.

Many of our clients often ask if we can get them a free flight upgrades. Typically, airlines provide free upgrades to their elite status loyalty program members, however a recent survey conducted by Skyscanner found that nearly two-thirds of cabin crew members have given someone a free upgrade for a variety of reasons. According to the survey, the most likely candidates for free flight upgrades are well-dressed, single men in their thirties.

Being mannerly and patient are always champion ways to behave, frequent flyers and those who are traveling alone were reported to be most often the winners of upgrades, regardless of gender. It just happens that more of those kinds of travelers seem to be male.

Here are five ways to improve your chances for a flight upgrade on your next business trip:

  1. Check in early – There are probably only a limited number of seats available; you might be rewarded by being the first to check in.
  2. Join the airline’s loyalty program – Airlines are likely to upgrade their frequent flyers first.
  3. Stay in touch – Some airlines offer reduced-price premium seats as boarding time approaches. Check your email and social media.
  4. Dress like it’s a special occasion – Dress to impress people might just do that very thing.
  5. Be kindhearted – Your generosity towards fellow passengers might just be rewarded by a generous seat in premium, should a crew member spot your benevolence and wish to reward your kindness in kind.

Here is a link to a Huffington Post article with additional information on the topic.