Business Travel Travel Management

Cost + Service = An Invaluable Managed Travel Program

Many companies, both large and small, approach business travel with eyes only on the bottom line. Their focus tends to be on cost savings, with service as a secondary, and sometimes tertiary, commodity. However, unsatisfactory service is one of the reasons a company will go looking for a new bid.
For example, as a travel management company, you could save an organization $20,000 a month on their travel, but if you were to screw up on the president’s travel even once … you could be out!
“Cost is the priority that everyone listens to, but value builds compliance over the long term,” says Cynthia Gillen, a buyer for midmarket BDO USA. “We’re putting in more effort to sell the value of the travel management program internally based on the value to the company. Over time there will be more emphasis on value as opposed to cost.”
At Christopherson Business Travel, not only do companies get the value of bottom line savings, but also exceptional customer service. Our formula for success can be compared to a three-legged stool, with the three legs being 1) Our Proprietary Technology, 2) Expert Agents, and 3) Dedicated Account Management. All three legs are essential, and when one fails the other two cannot stand on their own. The combination of those three, equally important elements represents a value to our customers that cannot be dismissed.
Christopherson Business Travel creates a road map for our clients that, when followed, is the key to travel management success. And customers can decide how much “service” and “savings” they want by how managed their travel program is.
The three levels of managed travel programs are 1) Low Control, 2) Medium Control, and 3) High Control.  An example of this, in regards to airline class of service, is as follows. Low control would provide domestic trips in coach, and international trips in business or first class for director level positions and above. Medium control would provide domestic trips in first class for those authorized or in specific circumstances (e.g. traveling with a client), and international trips in business class. High control would allow domestic trips in coach, international trips lasting less than five hours in coach, and international trips lasting more than five hours in business class, with authorization from a company vice president required for first class travel.
By creating a managed travel program that fits your company, you will be able to take advantage of all that Christopherson has to offer. Your ROI bottom line will thank you and your travelers will appreciate the guidance and processes set up for them.