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Tired of the Usual Hotel Experience?


For most travelers, one hotel is the same as any other. You get a bed, nightstand, phone, bathroom and a television. Sure, some hotels might offer a larger room, chocolates on the pillow, or perhaps a nice desk, microwave and small refrigerator. But generally, hotel rooms are pretty much the same.

But have you ever thought about staying in an unusual hotel on your next trip? Something out of the ordinary? Here are three hotels I think would be great places to stay, although they would probably be better suited for vacation travel, as they are located in cities far from your normal business travel hubs.

  1. The Molja Lighthouse in Aalesund, Norway is a 150 year old lighthouse with all the modern conveniences you would expect in a hotel. Although, the bedroom is upstairs and the bathroom is downstairs. But what can you expect? After all, you’re in a lighthouse right at the harbor entrance. Talk about the views!
  2. Looking for something unusual, but a littler closer to home? Try the Featherbed Railroad in Nice, California. They have nine individually decorated cabooses that overlook Clear Lake, with a own private beach and boat dock.
  3. Have you ever wanted to spend the night in jail, but without that pesky police record following you around for the rest of your life? Try The Old Mount Gambier Gaol in Mount Gambier, Southern Australia. It’s a prison built in 1866 and closed in 1995. Guests have access to the prison library, the chapel, and three courtyard areas and can spend the night in a cell or non-cell room. All rooms have modern conveniences, so no need to worry about staying in the types of cells we all see on T.V. And when you leave, (i.e. get paroled) you won’t have to worry about a criminal record haunting you.

Most of these accommodations don’t cost any more than a standard hotel room. So why not make it a bit more memorable?

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