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Enterprise/National as a Ground Transportation Supplier

To be effective, corporate travel programs require many moving parts. One critical area involves nurturing wonderful supplier relationships, including ground transportation. We’ve found that Enterprise/National offers customized benefits for many of our clients.

Customized benefits from Enterprise/National:

  • Dual Brand Agreement (National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car). Programs are customized and negotiated based on the company’s specific travel patterns and traveler needs.
  • One loyalty number “Emerald Club” that is provided and works for both brands globally.
  • Global Billing options are available.
  • Local Account Management and support provided for any customized agreement.
  • 100% location compliance with corporate pricing.
  • Supporting lines of business that can help with other areas of ground transportation: Enterprise RideShare, Enterprise CarShare, Enterprise Fleet Management, Enterprise Truck Rental, Exotics by Enterprise, Enterprise Car Sales.

Christopherson Business Travel maintains excellent communication with the many Enterprise/National Representatives throughout the country.  If you need a referral to the right contact in your area, please allow us to be your resource for making an introduction.

We’ve spent the last 60 years dedicated to finding travel management solutions for busy companies. From customized travel programs to advanced technology, we provide peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about how Christopherson, along with our preferred partners, and assist you with your travel needs.

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National Car Rental Provides Ease for Business Travelers

Traveling for business (or pleasure) can be extremely frustrating so I always like to plan with ease in mind. That is why I always rent with National Car Rental.

Renting from National Car Rental

National’s Emerald Aisle, available to all Emerald Club members, is flawless. After deplaning, I follow the signs for “rental cars.” Simple. At the car rental center, I bypass National’s counter and go straight to their Emerald Aisle where all the cars are located. Simple. (And there’s always a customer service representative in the Emerald Aisle just in case you do have a question). I choose any car from the Aisle and drive away. Simple.

When I return my car, I know I’ll be welcomed with a friendly representative once again. National’s customer service is always outstanding. One time I made an off-the-cuff remark to the National rep when I returned my car stating that it was so busy in the Emerald Aisle when I had arrived, that I only had two cars to choose from. I wasn’t complaining, but rather commenting on my situation. I then proceeded to the airport. By the time I went through security and reached my gate, I had an email from the manager of that particular airport location letting me know how sorry she was that there wasn’t a wider selection of cars. She informed me that there would be a free rental day on my next Emerald Aisle statement. Now that’s customer service. Again, simple.

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Business Travelers Benefit with National’s Emerald Club (+Free Rental Days!)

I love the ability to rent a car with National Car Rental using my Emerald Club membership. As an Emerald Club member, I am able save time and avoid hassles on business trips. It’s definitely the easiest way to get on the road fast!

Here’s how business travelers benefit from National’s Emerald Club membership:

  1. Reserve a midsize car by calling your Christopherson Business Travel Agent.
  2. When you arrive at your location, bypass National’s rental counter and go directly to their aisle or executive aisle location in the car lot.
  3. Choose any car–any size, color, make, or model–and only pay the reserved midsized car rate.
  4. The keys are always in the car.
  5. Drive off!

Currently, National Car Rental’s ONE TWO FREE® promotion is in full swing for all Emerald Club members. With this promotion, business travelers who are enrolled in the Emerald Club will get one free rental day for every two qualifying paid National rentals now through January 31, 2013. YOu can then reserve your free rental days for a long weekend vacation or your next big business travel event.

Click here to read more about the promotion and enroll in the Emerald Club.

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The National Car Rental Drop-off Attendants at DIA are GREAT!!

I would like to extend a big “Thanks!” to the National Car Rental attendants at the Denver airport for recently going the extra mile in helping me get back home.
Here’s the scoop …
Because I have the Emerald Isle membership, I get to pick out the car I want when I arrive at the rental desk, and on Wednesday, March 28, having just flown in to Denver International for a business trip, an adorable red Volvo station-wagon was sitting there in the lot, just screaming for me to take it for a drive. So I did!
My personal car is a Prius so the push-start ignition was familiar, and at home, if I happen to leave the keys in the ignition, push the lock button, and try to leave, my Prius makes all sorts of noise to let me know I’m doing something wrong.
Well, when I brought that beautiful red Volvo back at the end of the day, no sound was made when did just that. I left the keys in the ignition, locked the car (which I thought I was unlocking), got out, and shut the door. And as you may have guessed, my briefcase was in the back seat–of a very, locked car.
The young woman who had just checked me in dropped everything and ran to get a mechanic. Within minutes (and as you might know in these cases, those minutes can be really, really long!), they had two mechanics working to get it unlocked. And in no more than ten minutes, the car was unlocked, I got my briefcase, and was on my way.
So again, may I say: THANK YOU!! to all of you at Denver’s National Car Rental return-car center for helping me out of a jam and getting me on my flight home!!