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Christopherson Business Travel’s Negotiated Rates Go A Long Way

Recently, my family planned a trip to Canada to attend a reunion and thought we had all the details worked out. As there were eight of us traveling together, we opted to drive rather than fly. Unfortunately, three hours in, our Suburban broke down. We barely made it off the freeway when the car stopped near a building that literally said,”This is the middle of Nowhere.”

After being towed 40 miles to a mechanic, it was determined that repairs would take about a week. We were going to need rental cards. I began calling around and booked two cars with National using our Christopherson Business Travel corporate number. This is just one of the many discount rates Christopherson offers customers if their company doesn’t have their own negotiated rate.

When we checked in at the National desk, I asked the agent if there were perhaps any better rates available since we really hadn’t been planning on this expense. She told us that not only did she find a better rate, but that it was one of the best rates she had ever seen. We also were able to add extra drivers for free since my husband was an Emerald Club member, which again saved us money on what would have been another expense.

In another instance, I was showing our negotiated rate programs to a prospective client. She had recently spent a lot of time searching for hotels in New York and Chicago. Their company had several travelers attending conferences in those cities but were making reservations too late to receive the special conference deals at the hotels. Because Christopherson Business Travel has connections and discounted rates with so many properties worldwide, we were able to find her cheaper rates than those she’d been quoted online and directly from the hotel.

Christopherson’s negotiated rates are just one more way companies benefit from our managed travel programs. To learn more about how you can benefit from these connections, please contact one of our representatives.