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O’ahu Hawaii what to see and do

For many vacationers traveling to Hawaii, O’ahu is a quick stop over for a couple of days before flying on to Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii. The most often requested attraction is Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center. While I agree that these two attractions are a must do, there is so much more to see and do while in O’ahu. One could easly spend a week exploring the island and still not see it all. Most all the attractions can be pre arranged by your travel consultant. It is recommended to prebook these activities before you get there so that you will not be disappointed if they are sold out. Rest assured that if you prebook an activity and then find that your plans have changed you can change the time or date without a penalty. Christopherson Travel’s vacation consultants have experienced first hand many of these tours and can assist in finding the right tour for anyone.
Here are just a few examples of the many activities that are available on O’ahu.
Two Good Kayaks: A paddling tour that takes you over the reef-protected waters on Kailua Bay.
Hans Hedemman Surf School: Learn how to surf the waves from a professional surfer during a 2 hour private lesson.
Home of the Brave: A unique military historic tour with access to many points of interest not accessable without special permission from the government.
Island Seaplane Tour: A fun and exciting way to see and experience the beautiful island of O’ahu. It is offered as a 30 minute tour or a full hour tour.
Dolphin Quest Encounter: Swim and play with dolphins in a natural lagoon. Each Dolphin encounter is unique based upon the guests, trainers and dolphins.
The next time you are planning a vacation to Hawaii consider spending a few days on O’ahu and experence the many activities available to you.

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O’ahu Insider Tips

Huanama Bay
Hanauma Bay

I just returned from a wonderful experience on O’ahu attending the O’ahu Destination Specialist Program. The program was hosted by the O’ahu Visitors Bureau and All About Hawaii Tours. We have arranged vacations to Hawaii for many of our clients. We love to give them “insider” tips that we learn from the locals to enhance their vacation experence.

Here are just a few “insider” tips I received while visiting O’ahu. “Aloha” When greeting someone with aloha you are offering them the breath of life in the “ha”. It is a very special offering and should not be expressed in a shout or by drawing it out as Alooooohaaaaa. Simply say “aloha”.
There are many historical sites in Honolulu that should not be overlooked. Iolani Palace is a must. It is the only Royal Palace on U.S. soil. Reservations are required. You should arrive early, before 11:00am, to be admitted into the basement of the palace to view the artifacts of King Kamehameha and Queen Iolani. It is easy to get there from Waikiki. Just take the purple city bus.
At King Kamehameha’s statue, just across from Iolani’s Palace, every Friday afternoon from 12:00pm to 1:00pm you will be entertained by Hawaiian music preformed by the oldest civic band in the United States. The band was organized by King Kamehameha to revere the Hawaiian music. The king loved music and parties. It was King Kamehameha that unified the Hawaiian Islands under one rule.

Sea Plane
Seaplane (de plane)

After the concert take a nice walk to China town and enjoy a lunch at one of the many fine dinning restaurants. We enjoyed very delicious pupus (appetizers) at Indigo restaurant located on the edge of China Town.
The highlight of my O’ahu experience was the one hour Island Seaplane tour. It is the only air tour in all of Hawaii recommended by both Frommers’s Travel Guide and the National Geographic Traveler. It was thrilling to fly over the island catching a bird’s eye view of the beautiful island of O’ahu. Some of the best photos I returned home with were taken from the seaplane. Interesting side note. The seaplane is the actual plane that was used in the TV series Fantasy Island. Remember the “de plane, de plane”? For an unforgettable experience you must take the Seaplane Tour of O’ahu.