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Southwest Airlines Will Require CVV Code in Booking Process

UPDATE – Southwest Airlines recently announced they are postponing the CVV requirement for booking from June 17, 2019 to a later date. Though not required now, a credit card CVV code will likely be needed to book travel in the near future. It is still recommended that you contact your Christopherson Account Manager and update your credit card information.

Does your company book travel with Southwest Airlines? If so, it’s important you know this information. Starting June 17, 2019, Southwest Airlines will require the credit card CVV code to complete their booking process. Fortunately, this update is a tiny one that requires minimal action. Unfortunately, if not completed by June 17, it will cause disruptions and declined transactions on Southwest Airlines tickets.

Reducing fraud through CVV codes

The credit verification value, or CVV code, is the three or four digit number on debit and credit cards. It can be found on the back of VISA, Mastercard, and Discover cards, or on the front of American Express cards. Providing the CVV code at the time of purchase confirms to online merchants that you have the physical credit card or debit card in your hands during the transaction. It is one technique that helps reduce fraudulent purchases. Southwest is the first airline to require CVV information on booking reservations, but others are predicted to follow soon. Visa is also requiring the CVV code in order to purchase online air tickets.

What does this mean for your corporate travel?

Finding the CVV code is pretty easy when you can just pull it out of your wallet. The process becomes more complicated when multiple departments or travel partners are involved. Some companies use one card managed by a Travel Manager. Others allow individual employees to book travel themselves with their own corporate credit cards. Understanding how your company books travel is the first place to start.

If Southwest Airlines is one of your carriers of choice

We’ve outlined the easiest way to update your CVV code to avoid any future delays or disruptions. How does your company book travel with Christopherson?

  • One company card is used to book travel: Contact your Christopherson Account Manager to update the credit card information with the CVV code. They will also verify additional card information, names, and billing addresses to ensure your account is current.
  • Travelers book their own travel with individual credit cards: Advise your travelers that they will need to provide their credit card’s CVV number whenever they book a reservation with a Christopherson travel advisor. Your travelers can also easily book Southwest through your online booking tool where the CVV code is not required.
  • A company card is used to book travel AND travelers book with credit cards:If the majority of your employees book their own travel, but a company card is used for contractors’, interviewees’, or lower-level employees’ travel booking be sure to contact your Christopherson Account Manager, as well as notify your travelers of these updates.

As we work to ensure no disruption to your travelers and protect your company against fraud, we appreciate your partnership and proactivity to this update. If you have any additional questions about updating the CVV code, please contact your Account Manager.


Travel Management

Full Service vs. Online

I often get into discussions with people concerning travel and how they book it.  There is a tremendous range of choices and reasons given.  I thought I would share with you some of what I’ve heard.
Some of the reasons given as to why people book online include wanting to be in complete control of their travel plans or to pay a lower fee and in some cases people travel to the same destination repeatedly and don’t need any professional assistance to book their trips.  All of these are valid reasons to book your own travel.   What is often overlooked is what you get by booking online through an agency such as Christopherson Andavo Business Travel vs.  Orbitz or an airline website.  Orbitz and the like, provide you with schedules, cars, hotels and pricing, so does Christopherson Andavo Business Travel.  We also provide reporting, we track unused tickets for you via our AirBank system, our corporate clients have access to an emergency line 24 hours a day, clients can view their all of their reservations and itineraries, past and present utilizing AirPortal.
Christopherson Andavo Business Travel is a full service agency.  Our agents have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise.  When you book online, you are responsible for making sure that all the details are correct and that everything is booked correctly.  When you use a full service agent, the agent will make sure that the details are taken care of.  This includes making certain that your name on your reservation matches the ID that you will be presenting at check in and that you have a place to stay and that it is booked at the correct rate, if you need a car, that it is booked, using your corporate discount number and your individual number that permits you to bypass the counter.  In addition, the agent will work hard to get you the best seat assignments possible, they will utilize our exclusive technology to check for lower rates on your car and hotel prior to your scheduled departure.  They also will advise you of ways to cut costs or to get more value for your money.  For example, many people think that Southwest is always the lowest priced airline in a market.  The reality is that it frequently isn’t and other carriers may off a better deal.  Or that when flying from the USA to Marseille, that if you book on, you can’t get seat assignments on the Paris to Marseille leg, however if you book that flight as Air France, who actually operates the flight, you can get advance seat assignments.  Other suggestions may include staying one more night in order to qualify for a discounted fare or to spend an extra $100.00 to get a fully refundable fare instead of having a nonrefundable fare that comes with a $150.00 change fee.  The agent will remind you that you need a valid passport for international travel and that you may need a visa to visit or transit a specific country.  As was recently reported, a couple going on their honeymoon to Russia, who had booked with one of the big online ticketing companies, were not advised that they needed passports and visas and thus ended up stuck in Germany for a couple of days while arranging to get a visa.  They thought that they would save a few dollars by doing it themselves, instead they ended up spending a lot more money.  A full service agent brings far more value to your travel than you may inititally think.   In addition, all of the customers who utilize a full service agent, receive the same basic benefits as those who utilize our online booking tools, as well, as all the other services that an agent brings to the table.
Either way, Christopherson Andavo Business Travel provides a greater value to our customers than they will receive booking online or with other agencies.

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Mobile Travel Possibilities

Like it or not, change is ongoing and since most of us do not like change, those that create it call it progress. But here is a change that you may like that really is progressive. Last year, 162 million smart phones were sold surpassing laptop computer sales for the first time. Smart phones can no longer be considered a trend or a convenience; in business they have become a necessity. Through the use of smart phones, users are managing their schedules, email, creating to-do lists and even paying their bills through mobile banking, so it is no surprise that travel is quickly becoming a popular mobile application. If you’re like many of our clients that employ the use of an online booking tool to make and manage your business travel, then your smart phone may be another option for managing travel. I’m not suggesting you make air, car and hotel reservations using your smart phone (although you could), but when you find yourself needing to extend your stay, smart phones are an option to change flights, re-book a hotel or car rental. You can even make dinner reservations. And not only that, there’s more. Most online booking tool companies either have their own expense reporting tool or have invested in relationships with expense reporting software providers so that many of your typical travel expenses and receipts are imported directly into an expense report before you get back into the office. Imagine this, your booking tool, your company credit card and your expense reporting tool all working together so when you travel the booking tool alerts the expense tool which then queries the credit card for charges made covering the travel dates and imports all charges into an expense report including e-receipts. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’d like to learn more, we’d like show you more so please contact Andavo or Christopherson Travel and ask about mobile travel applications