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Travel Packing List For Dummies: Use Carry-on Luggage For EVERY Trip

Passengers gathering at the gate prior to their boarding time is strange to me. My first thought is often, ‘why stand in line before you are called, cutting into time that could be used for work, a preflight meal, catching up on a phone call?’ But then I remember that these travelers, like me, are terrified of not finding a space for their bag on the plane. I pride myself on using the same international sized carry-on for every trip, no matter how long. In fact, I wrote a blog on my favorite packing tips a few years ago.  Since I wrote this, I’ve continued traveling for business and leisure and know even more about packing light. I’ve discovered a few easy tips that are especially helpful as we move into the cooler months.

Carry-on packing tips for business and leisure travelers

1) Invest in packing cubes. They not only help you separate your clothes, but they really do keep everything compact. They are especially useful for sweaters!
2) Boot season is upon us and while they look great, knee-high boots can take up an entire suitcase. If boots are part of your wardrobe, wear them on the plane to save space.
3) Try wearing items that you have packed a few times during the same trip. A scarf or tie can really transform an outfit, and nobody will even notice that you had worn it the previous day.
4) If you plan to use the hotel gym, invest in a good workout outfit that is made of nylon. This material gets really small when folded and you can even roll the items and store them inside your workout shoes.
5) If you buy your cosmetics from a mall department store, do so when you can get a promotional gift. The bags that come with these gifts are often the perfect size for travel and the samples are usually travel sized.

Overall, I’ve learned that even with the stressful pre-boarding line, carry-on luggage is the best option for plane travel. Especially if you have an established packing routine with usable tips and tricks.

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Business Travel Travel Tips

6 Packing Tips for Business Travel


Try these helpful tips when packing for your next business trip.
Try these helpful tips when packing for your next business trip.

I still struggle with packing for a business trip, but one day I’m certain I’ll get it right. In fact, I’ve blogged about this topic in the past:

Now that I know what not to forget and how to do it with no wrinkles, the next step is knowing what to pack when it comes to fashion. With a little research, I have gathered Six New Packing Tips for Business Travelers:

  1. Two pair of shoes is essential and one must be comfortable.
  2. If you like to exercise on business trips but don’t have room to pack your tennis shoes, simply use the laces and tie them to your carry-on luggage.
  3. Pre-plan your wardrobe. It’s also easiest if you choose either a black/gray or brown/tan ensemble.
  4. This one is mostly for women–but change your look with accessories. You can easily make yesterday’s outfit new today by adding a scarf, different jewelry, or a flashy belt.
  5. Remember–you can dress up a pair of jeans if you need to, so don’t forget your favorite pair.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use the laundry facilities or dry cleaning services available at your hotel. This can help you avoid over-packing.
Business Travel Travel Technology

Business travel with multiple charger cords?

Think back to the last time you packed for a business trip.  Do you remember having a section of your suitcase devoted to charger cords?  My husband is a frequent business traveler and he was traveling with the following separate cords:

  1. Business phone/Blackberry charger
  2. Personal phone charger
  3. iPod charger
  4. Bluetooth charger
  5. Laptop charger

Seriously?  Those cords are so long, messy, tangled and space-consuming.  And he was constantly having to plug them in when he got home, unplug them all again to pack them, etc.  It was an annoying cycle.  About a year ago, he found out about Callpod’s Chargepod