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15 Key Concepts for Travel Program Excellence

At the Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association’s May luncheon, Bradley Seitz, owner, President and CEO for Topaz International, presented 15 Foundational Concepts for Success of a Travel Program. His remarks provided valuable advice for travel managers building a new travel program or enhancing an existing one.

Three of his concepts I found particularly important were:

1. Connect and Listen to Your Customers

  • Is there a way for them to provide you with feedback?
  • You should have multiple vehicles for travelers to reach you.

2. Measure Performance

  • Performance measurements are vital to gauging success.
  • Measurements lead the way for improvement.

3. Efficiency and Quality

  • A quality program begins with service.
  • Speed enhances value.

To review his full presentation and learn more about building a successful business travel program, click here.

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Topaz Travel Spend Forecast for 2013

Topaz International
has, for the first time, forecast future travel spend around the world with the disclaimer from CEO, Brad Seitz, “While some unexpected global events could skew these estimates, we believe this is a solid forecast for business travel in 2013.”

Their forecast is based upon general, targeted, and industry research, resulting in their view of what the future holds for travel spend in the areas of air, hotel, and rental car, divided among five regions of the world.

Topaz International Forecast for 2013

North America:

  • Air +3.5%
  • Hotel + 5.0%
  • Car Rental +3.0%

Latin America:

  • Air +2.0%
  • Hotel +5.0%
  • Car Rental +2.0%


  • Air +3.5%
  • Hotel +2.0%
  • Car Rental +2.0%

Middle East and Africa:

  • Air +2.5%
  • Hotel +1.0%
  • Car Rental +1.5%

Asia Pacific:

  • Air +3.5%
  • Hotel: +3.0%
  • Car Rental +4.0%