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Tips for Traveling with Children

Traveling solo can be tricky enough as you try to keep track of itineraries, juggle luggage, and arrive on time. Multiplying those efforts by 3 or 4 or 5, as you travel with your family can, at times, be hair-raising–particularly with young children.
Recently, MSNBC’s travel correspondents interviewed three globetrotting families to get their tips for traveling with children.
Their lengthy list of helpful advice included things like …

  • Pack less gear. If you do end up needing something, just buy it at your destination, but most likely you won’t miss all the extras you “think” you need.
  • Tie-dye shirts make children easy to spot in a crowd.
  • Don’t forget the life-jackets if your trip is near water.
  • Back-packs are easier to use than wheeled suitcases when trying to wrangle children.
  • Plan itineraries with flexibility and allow for fun–let kids be kids as you open their eyes to the world around them.

Each family also shared some of their more successful family vacations, as well as a few lessons they learned the hard way. Such expert advice goes a long way when it comes to creating enjoyable family memories, and we’d like to add 3 tips of our own:

  1. Plan age-appropriate vacations. While you want to help you children experience the wide range of cultures the world has to offer, don’t forget that appreciation and understanding will vary by age.
  2. Help them learn. Teach your kids a bit about the customs, language, and traditions of the city or country you’re in. You could even gear up for the trip by sharing tidbits about your destination every day during the week before you leave.
  3. Don’t forget the snacks!

While you’re at it, also has helpful information for traveling families.
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