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Travel Security Tips

The most common crime that affects travelers is theft, but investing in a few simple security accessories will give you the peace of mind to travel with confidence rather than fear. Here are a few ideas:
Padlocks (see here)
A padlock is a lock that is opened with a key. This is an inexpensive security option to keep others from gaining access to the contents of your bags – just don’t lose your keys!
Combination Locks (see here)
If you are worried about losing the key to a padlock, a combination lock is a perfect solution.
TSA Locks (see here)
If you are traveling out of the country you may want to invest in a TSA Lock. This lock allows customs to access your luggage easily, while still keeping your belongings safe.
Travel Money Belt (see here)
A money belt will keep your money close to your body and safe from prying eyes. You can also use it to conceal other important items such as your passport or credit cards.
Mesh Security Products (see here)
Many bags, wallets, money belts, etc., have a mesh fabric woven throughout, which helps prevent your bag from being cut or slashed.