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DataLogic®: Your Central Source for All Business Travel Reporting Tools

At Christopherson Business Travel, we recognize the importance of backing up our claims with hard data. Through our comprehensive report aggregator DataLogic®, we provide our clients with easy access to an invaluable set of reporting tools and performance benchmarking analysis options.

Among those tools are DataLogic’s travel spend tracking dashboard, ValueLogic®, Christopherson’s exclusive software that manages the ROI of our travel management company, and the integration of two leading travel management reporting tools, iBank and Travel GPA.

With this assembly of options, DataLogic really is the central source for all the reporting tools essential to managing a highly effective business travel program.


By choosing Christopherson, your company gets more than just our word that we are the cost-effective business travel partner of choice. With ValueLogic, you can asses the ROI of our TMC partnership through fully-customizable reports that show exactly how and where Christopherson Business Travel is saving you money.

At any time, you have the ability to access and review the following critical information in real time data:

  • Airline, car, and hotel savings
  • Voided ticket savings
  • Average savings per itinerary
  • Unused airline ticket data (via AirBank®)


Christopherson maximizes the power of iBank by consolidating travel information into a clear, concise, and comprehensive view of your company’s travel spend.

iBank captures travel data from a variety of sources, including all major reservation systems and online bookings tools. We also provide secure internet access so you can view travel spend, measure preferred supplier usage, track travel behavior, monitor policy adherence, and improve profitability.

Travel GPA

With more than 90 benchmarking metrics available for analysis, Travel GPA identifies those key measurements that are clearly tied to your organization’s performance and then grades them good or bad with comparisons against your industry, a similar sized company, your travel spend from the previous year, or your current goals. Then, with the Travel GPA Report Card™, you can easily track how well your travelers are utilizing the contracts your company has for airlines, car rentals, and hotels.

*DataLogic is one of the many business travel tools Christopherson provides through our integrated technology platform, AirPortal®. To learn more about AirPortal, DataLogic, and how Christopherson can save your company time and money on business travel, please contact one of our representatives.

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What happens after you’ve purchased a ticket and the fare drops

USA today had an interesting article about this.  However I felt that the article left out some very important information that will make a difference in what will save you the most money.  The article does cover the basics of the various airline Low Fare Guarantees and it even mentions the online booking agencies that offer some sort of protection however it fails to mention something that full service agencies, such as Christopherson Andavo Business Travel can offer you and that is the ability to void out a ticket on the legacy carriers until midnight the following business day.  So if you have a ticket issued on Friday and you purchased it through the airline’s website and the fare drops on Sunday, depending on the airline, you may be out of luck or you may have to pay the fee and only receive a voucher for the remainder.  If, on the other hand you had purchased it from Christopherson Andavo Business Travel, you can contact your agent Monday, he or she can void out the original transaction, which means that you just got all of your money back (not as a voucher) and then book you on the lowest available flight.  This will save you money and it is a service that the airlines won’t offer to their customers.  They will stick with their 24 hour rule and sometimes, not even that.
The nice side effect of this service is that clients of Christopherson Andavo Business Travel will see this on their ValueLogic report that was described in an earlier blog by Susan Anderson.  This service can save tens of thousands of dollars for some companies.
Yet another reason to use Christopherson Andavo Business Travel for your travel management company.