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Virgin America Launches Seat to Seat Delivery Service


In this ever-evolving world of “pings,” “posts,” “tweets,” and “tags,” social media has also entered the arena of air travel. Last year, KLM announced their “Meet and Seat” program where passengers could, if desired, share their social media profile with fellow passengers and then, prior to departure, change their seat assignments to sit by the person whose profile interested them. Along the same lines, Virgin America recently launched their own social in-flight service. Their program is called Seat-to-Seat Delivery or, as their founder and chairman Sir Richard Branson presented it: “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky.”

The Seat-to-Seat program allows travelers to “treat” a fellow road-warrior or break the ice by sending a drink, meal, or snack to another seat with Virgin’s Red touch screen entertainment system. Flyers can browse the in-flight menus, make their order, and attendants will deliver it directly to the guest of choice. The receiver of the item can then choose to either engage in conversation or reject it.

Some people feel this kind of program is in violation of their privacy and is perhaps downright creepy. Virgin America does allow travelers the ability to opt out of this social feature at anytime during the flight.

To help kick off this new program, Virgin America is also running a competition on Facebook where travelers can enter their best in-air pick-up lines, success stories, or in-air flirt photos. Winners will be selected by Virgin America’s Facebook fans, who will then be awarded an all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas.

So, if you are looking for romance on your next business trip, you might try flying Virgin America. Sir Richard Branson said: “I’m not a betting man, but I’d say your chances of deplaning with a plus one are at least 50 percent.” Perhaps it’s not just United Airlines who flies the “friendly skies.”

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Traveling Green – What is your Carbon Footprint?

In honor of Earth Day last Friday, I thought I would share with you how companies large and small are looking at their carbon footprints. As an account manager, recently I have had companies request data regarding their carbon footprint and miles flown. It got me thinking about who the greenest companies are within the travel industry. Some of the information I was able to find took me by surprise.

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Flying the Connected Skies?

Continental Airlines’ announcement last week that it would begin offering wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access aboard its aircraft beginning the second quarter of 2010 brought to close an exciting year of innovative in-flight communication advances.
Virgin America, the upstart discount carrier based in San Francisco, CA was the first U.S. carrier to offer fleet wide Wi-Fi access in May of 2009. American, Delta, United and US Airways followed shortly thereafter with staggered deployments of Wi-Fi across their respective fleets meaning in-flight Wi-Fi access will be a reality with all the legacy carriers in 2010.
As for the discount carriers, Virgin America is definitely leading the charge with Air Tran recently announcing the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi across its fleet. Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Jet Blue have begun testing Wi-Fi on certain aircraft while Midwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines are still considering the option of offering this service to their customers.
As with almost any other service now offered on board, in-flight Wi-Fi will come at a cost. To find out which airlines offer Wi-Fi access and how much they charge based on your destination, call Christopherson/Andavo Travel and our trusted travel advisors will be glad to answer your questions.