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Adapting to the Current Shifts in the Business Travel Industry

UntitledIn his book, Winning The Battle For Relevance, Michael McQueen talks about how to stay relevant in a constantly changing world. His principles apply to both businesses and individuals. In one section, he uses a sailing metaphor to describe dealing with change.

Three Rules of Sailing:

  1. You can’t change the wind. As adverse or inconvenient as the wind may be, we must accept that it is out of our control.
  2. You can’t fight the wind. The wind is a greater force than us.
  3. You can’t ignore the wind. If we simply ignore the wind we will be knocked off course or dashed against the rocks.

However, we can utilize the wind to navigate to our desired destination. Simply set your sails based on the current wind and the direction you want to go. In fact, we can even head straight into the wind if that is the direction of our destination. We simply need to tack across the wind until we reach our goal.

The wind is constantly shifting in the world of travel and we need to adjust our sails. Let’s consider some of the shifts we are currently experiencing in the business travel industry: